Texas: A Musical Journey

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The diversity of Texas music reflects the diversity of people in the Lone Star State. Perhaps most associated with Lone Star country music to listeners outside of the state, Texas musicians have also influenced a number of other genres, including rock-and-roll, jazz, blues, and even heavy metal music. By studying the development and maturation of music in Texas, one can chronicle the growth and changing demographics of Texas as well.

In Texas: A Musical Journey, you will learn more about the influence Texans have had on the music industry, including backgrounds and profiles on:

• “Texas, Our Texas,” the official song of Texas and “The Eyes of Texas,” the unofficial state song
• The biggest country, jazz, rock-and-roll, and blues artists who had ties to Texas, including Blind Lemon Jefferson, Buddy Holly, and Willie Nelson
• The music festivals that have received national recognition, such as South by Southwest
• Some of the “hidden gems” from the Texas music scene, including Carl Eric Lewis and Charline Arthur

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