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Promoting and supporting Texas history education for more than 83 years.

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TSHA’s education programs began in 1939, and they continue to encourage and improve the teaching of history—especially Texas history—in the schools of Texas.

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Junior Historians of Texas

The Junior Historians of Texas is an extracurricular program for students in grades 4–12. The program encourages students to explore local, regional, and state history. Walter Prescott Webb, the famed historian and past TSHA Executive Director, founded Junior Historians in 1939 making it the oldest of the Association’s education programs. More than 40 active chapters exist today.


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Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society

The Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society works through college and university history departments to encourage students to discover, research, write, and publish the history of Texas. The program provides the organizational framework for learning activities in colleges and universities.


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Texas History Day

Texas History Day is a competition affiliated with the National History Day program offering an opportunity for Texas, U.S., and world history students in grades six through twelve to demonstrate their comprehension of history through papers, projects, performances, video demonstrations, and interpretive websites. Thousands of students vie for prizes and recognition in the Texas History Day program while learning history and improving their research and communication skills.


This website is maintained and sponsored by Texas State Historical Association (TSHA).

Texas Historian

The Texas Historian is one of the few historical journals in the nation dedicated to publishing the work of secondary students in Texas.


Touchstone is the undergraduate research journal of the Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, our college-level educational program.

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