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About the Programs

The education programs of the Association, begun in 1939, seek to encourage and improve the teaching of history — especially Texas history — in the schools of Texas. The Association provides a continuum of programs and services for students, teachers, and other adults. Programs and services begin at the elementary level and continue through the secondary and collegiate levels to the general public.

The Junior Historians of Texas is an extracurricular organization for students in grades four through twelve. The Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society is the counterpart of the Junior Historians on the college level. Both organizations work through established school or community instructional programs to encourage students to discover, research, write, and publish the history of Texas as they find it where they live. The Association publishes two journals for student writings: the Texas Historian for the Junior Historian program and Touchstone (published in partnership with Lee College) for the Webb Society.

Texas History Day, a part of the National History Day program, is a competition that provides an opportunity for Texas, U.S., and world history students in grades six through twelve to demonstrate their interest in and knowledge of history through papers, projects, performances, interpretive Web sites, and documentaries. More than 45,000 young Texans are involved in the program at the local, regional, and state level each year. Over 1,000 students compete in Texas History Day, and approximately sixty students represent Texas at National History Day each year.

Additionally, TSHA offers the Texas Quiz Show for students in grades 6-8. TQS is a fast-paced game show about all things Texas designed to build excitement about Texas history while satisfying a school's statutory requirements for Texas History Month.  Middle school students have the chance to compete at the classroom, school, regional and state level to see which students know the most Texas History.  Old Stories, New Voices Intercultural Youth Camp provides an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to participate in summer camp. Students learn familiar history from new perspectives, while participating in traditional summer camp activities. Confidence- and team-building skills are a part of the curriculum.   

The Association seeks to support teachers by providing the easy access to available resources while providing a variety of training opportunities to help elementary, secondary, and collegiate educators keep abreast of content, methods, and techniques in teaching history. The History Awareness Workshops are practical, how-to conferences held at different times throughout the year that focus on the collection, organization, and use of local resources and community experiences in the teaching of Texas, U.S., and world history. During these sessions, professional educators introduce participants to various devices designed to add enrichment and relevance to the teaching of history.

For the general public, TSHA offers all of its online content from the Handbook of Texas Online, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, and Texas Almanac as well as a variety of services. Such services include: Texas History Quizzes to engage the mind, footage from the Texas Quiz Show to entertain, and a Speakers Bureau to assist in locating enlightening presenters for community gatherings. To stay connected TSHA also offers a variety of E-Newsletters and social networking opportunities such as Facebook.

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