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List of History Day Themes

1981Work and Leisure in History
1982Trade and Industry in History
1983Turning Points in History
1984Family and Community in History
1985Triumph and Tragedy in History
1986Conflicts and Compromises in History
1987Liberty: Rights and Responsibilities in History
1988Frontiers in History: People, Places. Ideas
1989The Individual in History
1990Science and Technology in History
1991Rights in History
1992Discovery, Encounter, Exchange in History: The Seeds of Change
1993Communication in History: The Key to Understanding
1994Geography in History: The Key to Understanding
1995Conflict and Compromise in History
1996Taking a Stand in History: Individuals, Groups, Movements
1997Triumph and Tragedy in History
1998Migrations in History
1999Science, Technology, Invention in History
2000Turning Points in History
2001Frontiers in History
2002Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History
2003Rights and Responsibilities in History
2004Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History
2005Communication in History: The Key to Understanding
2006Taking a Stand in History
2007Triumph and Tragedy in History
2008Conflict and Compromise in History
2009The Individual in History
2010Innovation in History: Impact and Change
2011Debate & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences
2012Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History
2013Turning Points in History
2014Rights and Responsibilities in History
2015Leadership and Legacy in History
2016Exploration, Encounter, Echange in History