HANDBOOK-setThe Handbook of Texas Online is a project of the Texas State Historical Association. The online Handbook offers a full-text searchable version of the complete text of the six-volume print edition, all corrections incorporated in the second printing, and approximately 400 articles not included in the print edition due to space limitations. Subsequent developments will include additional corrections and updates, new articles, illustrations, and audio-video media. The Handbook of Texas Online was officially released on February 15th, 1999.

The Texas State Historical Association is the originator and chief sponsor of the New Handbook of Texas. We have, however, enjoyed substantial support from individuals and institutions all along the way. When former director L. Tuffly Ellis began the project, he envisioned a network of cosponsors through which the intellectual and financial resources of academic institutions around the state could be brought to bear on the task at hand. Twenty-eight colleges, universities, research centers, and historical associations agreed to participate in the project as cosponsors; they are mentioned individually on the cosponsors’ page. These institutions have assisted with revision of the Handbook by contributing financial support, assigning staff members to work on the project, facilitating access to scholarly collections, and providing office space and logistical support.