Since 1897, a select group of very special people have made a pledge to keep Texas history alive. They have been driven by the belief that without an understanding of our history, every generation must start over. They are a proud group. Like the defenders of the Alamo, they stand up while others stand down. Like Sam Houston, they lead rather than follow. They are helping to preserve the important lessons from the past so that our children and their children will have something to look forward to and learn from.

Who are these special men and women? They are the members of the Texas State Historical Association.

The Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) is the most trusted organization preserving Texas history for future generations.

  • The Handbook of Texas Online provides more than 27,000 authoritative entries on Texas subjects and reaches more than 6 million people each year from every state and in more than 200 countries around the world.
  • For 115 years, we have published the Southwestern Historical Quarterly. This scholarly journal, which is used by thousands of researchers each year, has been a major source for most of the textbook accounts of Texas and Southwest history.
  • We publish the Texas Almanac every two years, a comprehensive resource on Texas history, government, business, and culture that has been in continuous publication since 1857, and we maintain an online archive of all volumes.
  • We have published more than 235 books and have one of the largest online resources (more than 250,000 pages!) of historical Texas content available for free to all who have an interest in the Lone Star State.
  • More than 1,028,000 students benefit each year from both our educational programs that involve hands-on research and our vast online resources.

Now, you too can become a member of this exclusive club.

When you join us today as a member of the Texas State Historical Association, you will be part of a unique group of people dedicated to standing as vanguards of our proud Texas heritage and will help us continue to develop innovative programs that bring history to life.

Members of the Texas State Historical Association get more than just satisfaction that they are helping preserve our Texas history; they also get access to special content and benefits unavailable anywhere else.

When you activate your membership today, you will receive:

  • The Southwestern Historical Quarterly—This publication has been continuously published since 1897 and is the most sought-after source of original research on Texas history. Members will receive all four issues every year.
  • The Riding Line Newsletter—This content-packed newsletter is sent four times a year and will keep you in the loop about local historical happenings, recent publications, and other resources that TSHA is working to make available every day.
  • Access to the TSHA Digital Library—As a member of the Texas State Historical Association, you will immediately gain access to the extensive library of content written over the past 118 years. This includes all 61 editions of the Texas Almanac, 106 volumes of Southwestern Historical Quarterly, plus much more.
  • Special Invitations to Attend Exclusive Events—Members of TSHA receive invites to unique meetings and events like our Annual Meeting. Hosted in a different Texas city each year, the Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of its kind for Texas history enthusiasts.
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Become a member of the Texas State Historical Association today, and join an elite group dedicated to the rich heritage and proud history of this great state! Simply complete the form below with your information and your most generous donation, and we will instantly activate your membership.

Thank you for taking the first step toward preserving the unique spirit of Texas—we are so grateful for your support!


It’s clear that you understand the importance of passing along Texas history to future generations. That’s why we want to quickly share Texas State Historical Association’s Old Stories, New Voices (OSNV) Intercultural Youth Camp with you

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Over one week, OSNV camp takes students back in time, providing a transformative cultural education through the lessons of Texas history.

This is truly a hands-on history education:

  • Camp is held at historic Fort McKavett where students are housed in the restored historic barracks building.
  • Across the grounds of the Fort, campers participate in a full schedule of daily activities, including archaeological investigations, traditional crafts, archery, canoeing, native plant and animal identification, and a variety of other activities.
  • Critically, OSNV camp provides opportunity for underserved students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience Texas history.

The camp has been an unprecedented success... but we can only accommodate 52 students in one week each summer. This year, we want to double the impact, expanding to two weeks and at least twice as many campers.

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Whatever you decide, I thank you for helping to keep Texas history alive by supporting the Texas State Historical Association!


Brian A. Bolinger CEO
Texas State historical Association

Your support will make an big impact on an underserved student's life