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Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History

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Lone Star Lore

With such a rich and storied history to draw from, it’s no wonder the Lone Star State has more than a few mysterious stories to share. If you have ever wondered what’s down those desolate roads and dark caves, look no further. TSHA has compiled a collection of stories featuring some of the most chilling chapters of Lone Star history. From familiar folk tales such as La Llorona to haunted hotspots like Espantosa Lake, our eBook is full of spooky fun for readers of all ages.

Discover which Texas towns are abuzz with paranormal activity in Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History. In this FREE eBook, you can read about:

  • Legendary locales with strange phenomena

  • The dark and puzzling histories of famous mysterious figures

  • Haunted hotspots full of ghostly fog and unsettled spirits

  • And much more!

Table of Contents

  1. Folk Narrative
  2. Enchanted Rock Legends
  3. Big Thicket Light
  4. Marfa Lights
  5. La Llorona
  6. María de Jesús de Agreda
  7. Maman-Ti
  8. Diamond Bessie Murder Trial
  9. William Preston (Bloody Bill) Longley
  10. Josefa (Chipita) Rodríguez
  11. Devil’s Backbone Tavern
  12. Espantosa Lake
  13. Amarillo Natatorium [THE NAT]

Published: 2017