Southwestern Historical Quarterly: Vol. CXXIV, No. 3, January 2021

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Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Front Cover: Catholic diocese map of Mexico, early nineteenth century. Courtesy of the Mapoteca “Manuel Orozco y Berra" del Servicio de Información Agroalimentaria y Pesquera.  In this issue of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Brian Stauffer offers an original take on the religious history of Texas in “'Where the Cult is in the Hands of the People': Enlightened Catholicism and Colonization on the Texas Frontier."


“Where the Cult is in the Hands of the People”: Enlightened Catholicism and Colonization on the Texas Frontier
By Brian Stauffer

In the Trenches of World War I-Era Texas: Letters from Black Railroaders to the United States Railroad Administration
By Theresa A. Case

The Marching Priest: The Civil Rights and Labor Activism of Father Sherrill Smith during the 1950s and 1960s
By Mark Newman

Review Essay: Violence and Texas History in 2020
By Carlos Kevin Blanton

Book Reviews

On Becoming Apache by Harry Mithlo and Conger Beasley Jr.
By Marcus Macktima

To the Corner of the Province: The 1780 Ugarte-Rocha Sonoran Reconnaissance and Implications for Environmental & Cultural Change ed. by Deni J. Seymour and Oscar Rodríguez
By David Yetman

Blood in the Borderlands: Conflict, Kinship, and the Bent Family, 1821–1920 by David C. Beyreis
By William S. Kiser

Breakaway Americas: The Unmanifest Future of the Jacksonian United States by Thomas Richards Jr.
By Eric R. Schlereth

Remaking North American Sovereignty: State Transformation in the 1860s ed. by Jewel L. Spangler and Frank Towers
By Evan C. Rothera

Obstinate Heroism: The Confederate Surrenders after Appomattox by Steven J. Ramold
By Nicholas K. Roland

The People's Revolt: Texas Populists and the Roots of American Liberalism by Gregg Cantrell
By Matthew Hild

Georgia O'Keeffe's Wartime Texas Letters by Amy Von Lintel
By Linda M. Grasso

Quill and Cross in the Borderlands: Sor María de Ágreda and the Lady in Blue: 1628 to the Present by Anna M. Nogar
By Virginia Garrard

Crazy Fourth: How Jack Johnson Kept His Heavyweight Title and Put Las Vegas, New Mexico, On the Map by Toby Smith
By Michael Hurd

No Way but to Fight: George Foreman and the Business of Boxing by Andrew R. M. Smith
By David C. LaFevor

Rodeo: An Animal History by Susan Nance
By Jeannette Vaught

Charros: How Mexican Cowboys are Remapping Race and American Identity by Laura R. Barraclough
By Karla A. Lira

Latinos & Latinas in American Sport: Stories Beyond Peloteros ed. by Jorge Iber
By Samuel O. Regalado

Reading, Writing, and Revolution: Escuelitas and the Emergence of a Mexican American Identity in Texas by Philis Barragán Goetz
By Guadalupe San Miguel

Gangs of the El Paso–Juárez Borderland: A History by Mike Tapia
By Mitchel P. Roth

Copper Stain: ASARCO'S Legacy in El Paso by Elaine Hampton and Cynthia C. Ontiveros
By Tiffany Jasmin González

Lone Star Suburbs: Life on the Texas Metropolitan Frontier ed. by Paul J. P. Sandul and M. Scott Sosebee
By Jerry González

Redefining the Immigrant South: Indian and Pakistani Immigration to Houston during the Cold War by Uzma Quraishi
By Son Mai

The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston by Andrew T. Simpson
By Heather Green Wooten

Bluffing Texas Style: The Arsons, Forgeries and High-Stakes Poker Capers of Rare Book Dealer Johnny Jenkins by Michael Vinson
By Gerald D. Saxon

Published: January 2021