Southwestern Historical Quarterly: January 2022

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Southwestern Historical Quarterly

On the cover: Women and children with rifles, Mexican revolution, circa 1911. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. In this issue of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, we offer our second annual review essay, in which Rebecca Sharpless examines four recent works of Texas women’s history and the ways they show a changing, more expansive, and more inclusive field.


La Salle’s Texas Enterprise and Louis XIV’s Imperial America 
By Richard Gross and Craig P. Howard

A Long Look Ahead: William L. Bray and Early Texas Conservationism
By Char Miller

Early Texas Jewish Settlers, 1830–1845: Were They Really Jewish, and if so, Who Were They? 
By Kay Goldman

Review Essay: Texas Women's History in 2021
By Rebecca Sharpless

Published: 2022-01