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Southwestern Historical Quarterly: Vol. CXXII, No. 1, July 2018

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Southwestern Historical Quarterly

On the cover: A map of Walker County, Texas. Texas General Land Office, W. C Walsh, and August Gast & Co. Map Walker County, Texas (1879). Map retrieved from [Accessed Apr. 24, 2018]. In this issue of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, the article “The Cabiness Family Lynching: Race, War, and Memory in Walker County, Texas,” authored by Jeffrey L. Littlejohn with Charles Ford, Jami Horne, and Briana Weaver, gives deep context for a searing incident of racial violence in the county that occurred during World War I.


The Cabiness Family Lynching: Race, War, and Memory in Walker County, Texas
By Jeffrey L. Littlejohn with Charles Ford, Jami Horne, and Briana Weaver

“The Most Turbulent and Most Traumatic Years in Recent Mexican-American History”: Police Violence and the Civil Rights Struggle in 1970s Texas
By Brent M. S. Campney

“War Is a Great Evil”: Robert E. Lee in the War with Mexico
By Allen C. Guelzo

Book Reviews

Jack E. Davis, The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea.
By Christopher Morris

David M. Wrobel, America’s West: A History, 1890–1950.
By Bryan Winston

Gregory McNamee, Tortillas, Tiswin, and T-Bones: A Food History of the Southwest.
By Rebecca Sharpless

David J. Weber and William deBuys, First Impressions: A Reader’s Journey to Iconic Places of the American Southwest.
By Benjamin H. Johnson

Janne Lahti, Wars for Empire: Apaches, the United States, and the Southwest Borderlands.
By Thomas A. Britten

Katherine Ellinghaus, Blood Will Tell: Native Americans and Assimilation Policy.
By John R. Gram

Andrew Denson, Monuments to Absence: Cherokee Removal and the Contest over Southern Memory.
By Brian Hosmer

Joseph L. Locke, Making the Bible Belt: Texas Prohibitionists and the Politicization of Southern Religion.
By Elizabeth Hayes Turner

Nancy Draves, ed., A Promise Fulfilled: The Kitty Anderson Diary and Civil War Texas, 1861.
By Deborah Liles

Susannah J. Ural, Hood’s Texas Brigade: The Soldiers and Families of the Confederacy’s Most Celebrated Unit.
By Thomas W. Cutrer

Darren L. Ivey, The Texas Ranger Ideal, Vol 1: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1823–1861.
By Bob Cavendish

Bob Alexander and Donaly E. Brice, Texas Rangers: Lives, Legend, and Legacy.
By Kemp Dixon

Robert K. DeArment, Man-Hunters of the Old West, Volume 2.
By Chuck Parsons

Anthony R. Carrozza, The Dukes of Duval County: The Parr Family and Texas Politics.
By Julie Leininger Pycior

Karen R. Roybal, Archives of Dispossession: Recovering the Testimonios of Mexican American Herederas, 1848–1960.
By Mary Ann Villareal

Arnoldo Carlos Vento, Adela Sloss-Vento: Writer, Political Activist, and Civil Rights Pioneer.
By Anthony Quiroz

Steven Rosales, Soldados Razos at War: Chicano Politics, Identity, and Masculinity in the U.S. Military from World War II to Vietnam.
By Emilio Zamora

Kyle Shelton, Power Moves: Transportation, Politics, and Development in Houston.
By Andrew Baker

Eddie Wilson with Jesse Sublett, Armadillo World Headquarters.
By Gary Hartman

Rodger D. Hodge, Texas Blood: Seven Generations among the Outlaws, Ranchers, Indians, Missionaries, Soldiers, and Smugglers of the Borderlands.
By Thomas M. Cohen

Published: July 2018