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Tejanos Through Time

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Tejanos Through Time

Understanding the diverse and rich culture of Texas is impossible without first understanding the history of Tejanos in the Lone Star State. Over time, Tejano traditions came to define many of the most iconic symbols of Texas, and their cultural impact is plainly seen in the architecture, language, clothing, music, literature, and cuisine that make Texas unique. Recently, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, TSHA updated its Handbook of Tejano History, and Tejanos Through Time is an excellent companion to this reference.

In Tejanos Through Time, you will read more about:

  • The Spanish influence on Texas, resulting from their missions and colonial government
  • Prominent political groups and activists who fought for Tejano civil rights, such as the League of United Latin American Citizens and Adela Sloss Vento
  • Tejano influence on the arts, literature, and entertainment, featuring biographies on individuals such as Gloria Evangelina Anzaldua, Luis Omar Salinas, and Maria Belen Ortega
  • And much, much more!

Published 2016

Table of Contents

  1. Tejano
  2. Mexican Americans
  3. Spanish Missions
  4. Francisco Xavier Chaves
  5. María Josefa Granados
  6. Spanish Governor’s Palace
  7. Compañías Volantes
  8. Enganchados
  9. Marcelino Serna
  10. Victor Hugo Espinoza
  11. Antonio Gómez Lynching
  12. Peñascal Raid of 1874
  13. El Paso Race Riot of 1916
  14. Porvenir Massacre
  15. League of United Latin American Citizens
  16. Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund
  17. José de la Luz Sáenz
  18. Adela Sloss Vento
  19. Clotilde Pérez García
  20. Emma Beatrice Tenayuca
  21. Maria Elena [Lena] Guerrero
  22. Leonel Jabier Castillo
  23. Frank Mariano Tejeda, Jr.
  24. Laredo Election Riot (1886)
  25. Del Rio ISD v. Salvatierra
  26. Las Escuelas del Centenario
  27. Arcadia Hernández López
  28. Texas DREAM Act [HB 1403]
  29. Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa
  30. Luis Alfonso Jiménez, Jr.
  31. Sam Zaragosa Coronado, Jr.
  32. Luis Omar Salinas
  33. Chicano Mural Movement
  34. Antonio Rudy [Ham] Guerrero
  35. Leonardo [Lalo] García Astol
  36. María Belen Ortega
  37. La Villita Dance Hall
  38. Ramiro Cortés, Jr.
  39. Charrería
  40. Everardo Carlos “E.C.” Lerma
  41. Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos
  42. Nemo Herrera
  43. Tejano Monument
  44. VOCES Oral History Project
  45. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park