Texas Almanac 2022–2023

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Texas Almanac 2022–2023

Welcome to the 71st edition of the Texas Almanac.  The Texas Almanac is the premier reference for everything Texas. The entire book is revised with the latest information for every edition, including the 254 county maps and our population estimates for every Texas town.

Inside you’ll find all of the latest facts and features of this great state, as well as a few feature articles, including:

COVID–19 in Texas

Dr. Ana Martinez-Catsam, professor of history at the University of Texas Permian Basin, brings us a look at how COVID–19 hit the state and impacted just about every aspect of our lives. You’ll also learn what the pandemic did to our economy and how it compares to the last major pandemic, the Spanish Flu of 1918.

African American Texans

The long, often heartbreaking, history of African Americans in our state began in 1582 when the first African slave, Esteban, arrived as one of the four survivors of the Cabeza de Vaca expedition. Read the rest of the history up to today, and learn how African Americans have contributed to the culture of Texas, in this feature written by Dr. Merline Pitre, professor at Texas Southern University.

Texas Wildlife

Like our cover? Then you’ll love our newly expanded section, where Dr. Travis LaDuc and Dr. Drew Davis give an overview of the five major orders: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Following the article are lists and descriptions of common animals found in our rivers, marshes, forests, deserts, and everywhere in between!



Published: October 2021