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Women Across Texas History, Volume 1

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Women Across Texas History, Volume 1

Pilots, activists, oil magnates, storytellers, scientists, ranchers, daughters, mothers – the number of women who have affected or influenced the history of our state is as vast as the Texas landscape itself. These women fought for gender equality and shattered glass ceilings, creating new opportunities for those who followed.

This first eBook of the Women Across Texas History series, Volume 1: Nineteenth Century and Before, features biographies of women who represented women’s public and private roles including:

  • A number of biographies on many of the prominent women of early Texas, such as Tamar Morgan, Emily Austin Bryan Perry, and Ellen Lawson Dabbs

  • Thirty-seven entries from the Handbook of Texas and three articles from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly that feature a number of diverse ways women have contributed to Texas history.

  • More than 100 pages by historians that note the influence of women prior to and throughout nineteenth century Texas.

Table of Contents

  1. María de Jesús de Agreda
  2. Angelina
  3. Santa Adiva
  4. Emily Austin Perry
  5. Jane Cazneau
  6. Sarah Bowman
  7. Emily D. West
  8. Emily West de Zavala
  9. Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson
  10. Mary Maverick
  11. Margaret Houston
  12. Tamar Morgan
  13. Frances Cox Henderson
  14. Cynthia Ann Parker
  15. Petra Vela de Vidal Kenedy
  16. Zilpha Husk
  17. Rachel Hamilton Hornsby
  18. Josefa (Chipita) Rodríguez
  19. Salomé Ballí Young
  20. Henrietta Chamberlain King
  21. Mary Ann (Molly) Goodnight
  22. Elizabeth (Lizzie) E. Johnson Williams
  23. Myra Maybelle (Belle) Starr
  24. Angelina Dickinson
  25. Jenny Bland Beauchamp
  26. Carry Nation
  27. Bettie Munn Gay
  28. Mary Elizabeth Lease
  29. Belle M. Burchill
  30. Ellen Lawson Dabbs
  31. Lucy E. Parsons
  32. Elisabet Ney
  33. Mariana Folsom
  34. Mary Eleanor Brackenridge
  35. Betty Eve Ballinger
  36. Hally Ballinger Perry
  37. Teresa Urrea
  38. Southwestern Historical Quarterly Selected Articles

Published: 2016