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Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly brings the latest and most authoritative research in Texas history to a wide audience of history lovers and scholars. Since the Quarterly can only publish approximately sixteen articles each year, it is our editorial policy to publish original research on Texas history topics that have the greatest historical significance and the broadest reader interest.

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, continuously published since 1897, is the premier source of scholarly information about the history of Texas and the Southwest. The first 100 volumes of the Quarterly, more than 57,000 pages, are now available online with searchable Tables of Contents.Select issues are also available online at the Portal to Texas History. Access to the Quarterly through JSTOR and Project MUSE is also available at certain institutions.    

Printed copies of the Quarterly are a benefit of membership in the Texas State Historical Association and are widely available in public and private libraries. 

Featured Issues

January 2017 Issue

Cover: Workers are employed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) clear an airfield at El Paso in 1937.  In their article "Bringing the Texas New Deal into Focus: Record Group 69's Photographic Collection," Cynthia Brandimarter and Jennifer Carpenter discuss important resources, such as this striking photograph, related to the WPA at the National Archives that are available to reasearchers.  Projects in Texas and Other States, ca. 1937-ca. 1941, Record Group 69: Records of the Work Projects Administration, 1922-1944 (National Archives, College Park, Maryland).

October 2016 Issue

Cover: Photograph of an interior room in the Texas Memorial Museum with a model of a pterodactyl suspended from the ceiling.  Photo by Frank Arnstrong.  UT News and Information Services, Prints and Photographs Collection, di_08742, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, the University of Texas at Austin.  This issue of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly features an article on one UT professor's role in founding the Texas Memorial Museum, "They are Hualing off Bits of Texas": James E. Pearce and the Effort to Establish a State Museum" by Lynn Denton.  The article is an adaptation of Dr. Denton's Presidential Address at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Texas State Historical Association.