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SHQ Online Vol 064

07/1960 - 04/1961

Issue 1

Cass Gilbert's Old Library Building: The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center, 1910-1960 by August Watkins Harris (Illustration)
Texas failure to Send a Deputy to The Spanish Cortes, 1810-1812 by Nettie Lee Benson
Life at Winkler by C. C. Jeffries
Railroads Come to Houston 1857-1861 by Andrew Forest Muir
Military Events in Texas During The Civil War, 1861-1865 by Allen W. Jones
Stephen F. Austin's Oration of July 4,1818 Early Commentary on the American Frontier by Leo M. Kaiser
Notes and Documents
The Emigration of the N. H. Conger Family From Oneida, Illinois, to Waco, Texas, in 1870 Edited by Roger N. Conger (Illustration)
An Incident at Velasco, 1832 by Boyce House
A Collection of Printed Maps of Texas, 1835-1951, in the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center Compiled by Jay W. Sharp
Affairs of the Association
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll (Illustration)
Book Reviews
The San Saba Papers: A Documentary Account of the Founding and Destruction of San Saba Mission.
The Day of San Jacinto.
Cannibal Coast.
Red River Campaign: Politics and Cotton in the Civil War.
And Horns on the Toads

Issue 2

The Texan Archive War of 1842 by Dorman H. Winfrey (Illustration)
Colonel Bill Snort A Texas Jack Downing by William R. Linneman
The Arrival of the Telegraph in Texas by Charles H. Dillon
Pre-Revolutionary Activity in Brazoria County by Forrest E. Ward
The Life and Times of King Fisher by O. Clark Fisher (Illustration)
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
History of Humble Oil and Refining Company, A Study in Industrial Growth.
The Lives of Ellis P. Bean.
The Great Buffalo Hunt.
Land of the High Sky.
Cynthia Ann Parker.
The Electric Interurban Railways in America.

Issue 3

John S. "Rip" Ford Prudent Cavalryman, C.S.A. by Stephen B. Oates (Illustration)
The Physiography of the Texas Panhandle by Fred Rathjen (Illustration)
Horace Greeley in Texas by C. Richard King
Texas Land Grants to Veterans of the Revolution and Signers of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas L. Miller
New Jersey Pioneers in Texas by Charles M. Snyder (Illustration)
Notes and Documents
An 1864 Letter to Mrs. Rufus C. Burleson Contributed by Merle Mears Duncan
A President's Special Train Stops in Wills Point by Gibb Gilchrist
The Texas at New York by George F. Haugh
Three generations of Texas Topographers by Nan Thompson Ledbetter
The Maps of the Stephen F. Austin Collection in the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center Compiled by Jay W. Sharp
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll
Book Reviews
Commodore Moore and the Texas Navy.

Goodbye to a River.
Comanche And Kiowa Captives In Oklahoma And Texas.
Sibley's New Mexico Campaign.
Narrative of the Surrender of a Command of U. S. Forces at Fort Fillmore, New Mexico, In July, A. D. 1861, with Related Reports by John R. Baylor, C.S.A., & Others.

Issue 4

The Chisos Quicksilver Bonanza in the Big Bend of Texas by James M. Day
The Character of Terry's Texas Rangers by C. C. Jeffries
Recruiting Confederate Cavalry in Texas by Stephen B. Oates
Mathew Caldwell by George R. Nielsen
Texas Collection by H. Bailey Carroll (Illustration)
Book Reviews
A Pictorial History of Texas.
Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest. (Illustration)
Charles Elliot R. N., 1801-1875: A Servant of Britain Overseas.


Issue 1
Cass Gilbert's Old Library Building: … Photograph: August Watkins Harris; Figure: Study of Cass Gilbert's Old Library Building's central staircase and the main entrance to the James Stephen Hogg Reading Room, winner of the architectural drawing contest commemorating the building's fiftieth anniversary, by Milton Maxwell; Photograph: The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center, 1960; Figure: Design for Cass Gilbert's Old Library Building commemorative plates
Notes and Documents: Emigration of the N. H. Conger Family … Photograph: Norman H. Conger and his family in 1870
Texas Collection: Photograph: Governor Price Daniel presenting John Vandale's commission as an admiral in the Texas Navy to H. Bailey Carroll, director of the Association; Photograph: Dr. Harry H. Ransom and Mrs. Dorothy Keys unveiled the Earl Vandale portrait; Photograph: The Association's exhibit in the Forty Acres Showcase featuring the fiftieth anniversary of the construction of the building in which the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center is housed; Map: The Open Range of Sixty-five Northwest Texas Counties; Short Historical Sketch of the Open Range Region of Northwestern Texas and of the Cattlemen who made it their Empire
Issue 2
The Texan Archive War of 1842: Reproduction: John Walsh's letter to Sam Houston; Figure: Embattled Mrs. Angelina Belle Eberley firing the cannon; Map: Austin at the time of the Archives War; Figure: Architect's Drawing of the new State Library Building which will house the Texas Archives
The Life and Times of King Fisher: Figure: King Fisher, 1855-1884
Issue 3
John S. "Rip" Ford: Prudent Cavalryman, C.S.A.: Figure: John Salmon (Rip) Ford; Map: "Rip" Ford's Area of Operations
The Physiography of the Texas Panhandle: Map: Soils of the Texas Panhandle
New Jersey Pioneers in Texas: Figure: Jack Burrowes; Figure: Edward Burrowes
Issue 4
Texas Collection: Photograph: Dr. H. Bailey Carroll accepts copyright title to Texas History Movies from Mobil Oil Company representatives; Photograph: Mrs. Kate Broocks Arnall Bates Book Reviews: Vines, Trees, Shrubs, … Map: The Geographic Center of Texas