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Hubbell, H. A.           Company
   [Henry]               [3rd] Regt.
                         [Brig. Gen. Green Command]
                         Time: D.W.
                                 May 18, 1836  [A10]
   COMPANY                                REPUBLIC RECORDS

Beggs, Robert L.
Brown, John
Brown, W. S. (Drummer)
Burgess, Warren  (Cpl)
Casey, Thos.
Comer, N.
Crabtree, James
Davy, Anthony G.  (Cpl)
Dicky, James L.
Doome, R. C.
Dorsherman, Andrew
Footman, John
Fowler, C. A. W.  (2 Lt)
Garvin, Bliss H.
Gas, Peter                [Gass, Goss in T1]
Hagler, W.  (Cpl)
Hancock, Thos.
Holt, H. F.
Holtzman, George
Hubbell, H. A.  (Capt)
Hughes, James Z.  (1 Lt)
Humberstone, Saml.  (Sgt)
Hyde, Chas. M.
Irwin, Chas.              [Irvine, Irvin in T1]
Jackson, Chester
Johnson, Saml.
Keyser, Wm.
Kitchen, Henry C.  (Sgt)
Kusicker, Saml. P.        [Kesseher, Keesicker, Kusicker in T1]
Legg, George
Leimen, Wm.               [Loman, Leimor, Lemor in T1]
Lewis, John
Lynch, Pat
Marguerette, L. F.
McDermot, John
McGindly, John
McGinnis, Joseph
McIntire, Wm.
Miles, H.  (Sgt)
Ramsey, Wm.
Reid, John A.
Riley, John
Roach, Wm.
Rockwell, John
Rowley, Thos.
Russell, Thos.
Savage, Emelious (Fifer)
Scroggy, John  (Sgt)
Smith, John
Smith, M.
Snape, Wm.                 [Snip, Snape in T1]
Speakman, Thos.
Vantassel, Henry
Velasco, Edwd.
Walter, Chris  (Cpl)
Washburn, Benj. G.
Wells, John
West, Chauncey
Whitworth, J.
Winfrey, Thos.

- See later Fowler's Companies [T1 p.98-100 and p.105-106]


[1] TEXAS LAND SURVEY ABSTRACT INDICES, A combining and reformatting of
    online material from "Land Survey Abstract Indices of the Original
    Land Owners of Texas", TexGenWeb Project at:

    Format:   Survey Name  (Grantee) Abstract No. and County,
                 (Block No./ Section No./ League Flag)


    Survey  - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time
              survey filed.
    Blk     - Block number.
    Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded.
    L       - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor.  Labor =
              177 acres.
    Section - Section Number
    Abs     - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at
              the Texas General Land Office in Austin. County must be
    County  - Abbreviation for county name, up to first 6 characters
              except Coll_h (Collingsworth), Harr_n (Harrison), and
              Robe_n (Robertson).

[2] TEXAS LAND TITLE ABSTRACTS, Abstracts of All Original Titles of
    Record ...  to August 31, 1941, General Land Office, Austin 1941.

    Format:  Certificate No., acreage (acreage in adjoining county),
             Headright County - Class - File No.

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