Civil War

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"Speech of Hon. David S. Kaufman, of Texas, on the Slavery Question"
15 Minute History: Episodes 21 and 22: Causes of the US Civil War (two parts)
1861: Opening Act The Fight Begins
1863-The Tide Turns
1864-No Way Out
A Guide to the Hood’s Brigade, 5th Texas Regiment, Company I Muster Roll, 1862-1864
A History of Smith County, Texas
A History of Trinity County Texas, 1827 to 1928
A Memorial and Biographical History of Navarro, Henderson, Anderson, Limestone, Freestone and Leon Counties, Texas
A New History of Texas for Schools -1895
A New Life in Freedom: A Late 19th-Century African-American Farmstead
A Reconstruction Plan for Texas
A Soldiers Letters to Charming Nellie
A Southern Community in Crisis: Harrison County, Texas, 1850-1880
A Southern World View
A Southern World View: The Old South and Proslavery Ideology
A Thumb-nail History of the City of Houston, Texas, from Its Founding in 1836 to the Year 1912
A Wild and Vivid Land: An Illustrated History of the South Texas Border
A Witness to Westward Expansion
Adventures in Education Guide
African American History eBook
African American Women: Texas African American Women Before and After the Civil War
African Americans
African Americans and Politics
African Americans in Texas
African-American Churches
After Slavery: Exercising the Rights of Citizenship in 19th-Century Texas
Agriculture in Texas
Alamo Plaza History: A Photographic Guide to the Many Faces of Alamo Plaza
Albert Sidney Johnson
Alexander Hobbs U.S. Civil War Diary
An Ordinance, Declaring the Ordinance of Secession Null and Void March 15, 1866
An Overview of the History of Public Education in Texas
Analyzing Historical Objects
Annotated Map of the Civil War in Texas
Annotated Typescript of Biography of Galveston Founder Michel Branamour Menard
Artifacts in the Classroom
Austin Streets
B.B. Paddock and Other Confederate Veterans
Banks and Banking
Battle of Galveston
Battle of Palmito Ranch
Battle of Sabine Pass
Battle on the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston
Bet You Didn't Know: Texas
Bexar County
Bill of Sale to Alexander Simon from Cummings for a 13 year old slave named Alexander
Bill of Sale to Julia R. Simons from Adam Hill for slave, Julia and her 2 year old daughter
Black Leaders: Texans for Their Times
Black Reconstruction in the South: The Freedpeople
Bonnie Blue Flag
Borden, Gail, Jr.
Bottles, Pins, and Horseshoes: Analyzing Artifacts from the Ransom Williams Farmstead Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
Broadside Directing Confiscation of Texas Archives, July 22, 1865
Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo Soldiers Heritage and Outreach Program
Building Texas: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Capitol Views
Caroline Castillo Crimm
Cattle Drives
Cattle Rustling
Celtaire String Band - Living History through Music & the Military
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Charging into Battle with Hood's Texas Brigade
Charles Goodnight
Cherokee Place Names in the Southeastern United States
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce
Civil Engineering
Civil War
Civil War (1861-1865)
Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War and Revolution on the Rio Grande Frontier: A Narrative and Photographic History
Civil War Battle Flags
Civil War Texas
Civil War Tug of War
Civil-Rights Movement
Clothing Manufacture
Coal and Lignite Mining
Collage: Flag of Texas Hunters, Two men and a Woman during the Civil War period
Confederate Soldiers Reunion
Constitution of 1861
Constitution of the State of Texas (1845)
Constitution of the State of Texas (1861)
Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President
Corpus Christi
Cotton Compress Industry
Cotton Farming in Texas
Cotton Picking Scene of Paris, Texas
Counties and County Seats
County Courthouses
Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History
Cynthia Ann Parker
Dates and Definitions for Major Eras in Texas History
Dates and Definitions for Major Eras in Texas History
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Dayton history group reviews rice farm consolidation in county
Del Rio, Texas
Democratic Party
Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd: Member of Company D Terry’s Texas Rangers
Diplomatic Correspondence of Texas
Documenting Texas Women’s History through Photographs
Documents of Texas History
Educational Trunks from PPHM
Edward A. Clark Texana Collection
Eighth Texas Cavalry
El Mesquite
El Paso
Elisabet Ney
Emergency Confederate Warrant for Removal of Safe Containing Achives, Galveston, Texas, Oct. 6, 1864
Encyclopedia of Texas Jewish Communities
Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters
Engraving of William L. Moody
Famous in the West
Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System
Fiestas Patrias
First Lady Anita Perry talks about the Texas Governor's Mansion
Flag Symbolism Activity
Folk Belief
Folk Building
Folk Dance
Folk Festivals
Folk Games
Fort Davis: Outpost on the Texas Frontier
Fort Lancaster: Texas Frontier Sentinel
Fort Worth: A Texas Original!
Forting Up on the West Texas Frontier
Francis Richard Lubbock
Fredericksburg, Texas
Freedom Colonies And Beyond - Life After Slavery
From San Antonio to the Panhandle: Texas Pioneer Women
Galveston: A History and a Guide
George Ware Fulton's Life on a Map (1810-1893)
Graphs and Charts of the Texas Slavery Project
Handbook of African American Texas
Handbook of Civil War Texas
Handbook of Texas Online
Health and Medicine
Historic Flags of the Texas State Library and Archives
Historic Land, Railroad, and County Maps
Historical Map Collection
History of the German Element in Texas from 1820-1850
Hood's Texas Brigade
Houston's Final Days
How Texas Won the Civil War.....and Caused it too!
How Textbooks Can Teach Different Versions of History
I was the first. Vote for ME!
Image Gallery for the Curriculum Guide For Teaching Texas History
Images in the Classroom
Indian Territory
Indivisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas
Inventions Over Time
James W. Terrill in His Civil War Uniform
Jefferson, Texas: An Economics Lesson
Jo Ann Stiles
John Bankhead Magruder
John Bell Hood
John Henninger Reagan
John Sherman Saunders
John T. Lytle
Justices of Texas
King Ranch
King, Richard
Kiowa Indians
Landmarks Over Time
Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs
Legacies-A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas-Volume 3 No. 2-Fall 1991
Lesson Ideas for A Destined Conflict Lesson Plan
Lesson Plans on Womens History
Letter from Richard Greene to Richard Venables, April 8, 1864
Life after Slavery: Investigations of an African American Farmstead
Life of Sam Houston Interactive Timeline
Lone Star Blue and Gray: Essays on Texas in the Civil War
Lone Star Leadership Academy
Lone Star Legacy: Poetry, Prose, and History, The African-American Experience in Texas
Lone Stars and Gun Smoke
Map of Denton County, Texas
Marked Historical Sites of Hutchinson County, Texas
Mary Adams Maverick: A Texas Pioneer
Mary Maverick
Massacre on the Nueces River; story of a Civil War tragedy.
McKinney Falls: The Ranch Home of Thomas F. McKinney, Pioneer Texas Entrepreneur
Media Analysis Tools
Memorial and biographical history of Dallas County
Mesquite Trees in Texas
Mexican Americans In Texas History: Selected Essays
Mexican Texans in the Civil War
Mexican-American Women
Mind Missions - 4th grade workbook
Mineral Resources and Mining
My Texas History Notebook Lessons
Navarro, Jose Antonio
Old Red Museum of Dallas County History Camp Summer Education Programs: Youth Programs
Oliver Loving
Orders for Captain R. Greene, Jr., November 22, 1864
Paper Manufacture
Pendleton Murrah
People of the Plains: Abundant Wind Provides Water
Political Parties
Population in Texas
Portraits of Texas Governors
Primary Sources and Personal Artifacts
Quanah Parker
Quanah's Quest: Heritage Tourism Trail Honors Comanche Chief's Legacy
Ranching in Texas
Ranger Weapons
Rangers and Sovereignty
Ravens Journey - A Musical
Real History....Real People
Reconstruction in Texas
Red Cloud
Reminiscences of the Terry Rangers
Researching Local Civil War Soldiers
Runaway Slaves
Sabine Pass: A Battle Beyond Belief
Sam Houston: American Statesman, Soldier, and Pioneer
San Antonio
San Antonio Missions
Secession! Texas Makes Its Choice
Second Texas Infantry
Send in the Cavalry: Conflict on the Texas Frontier
Seventh Grade Lesson Plan: Texas African American Women Before and After the Civil War
Sheep Ranching
Sibley in Texas
Sibley's Brigade
Sidney Gail Borden
Sidney Sherman
Sitting Bull, Great Sioux Chief
Slave Narratives Audio Records
Slavery, Urban
Southern Society-Slavery
Southern Society: Slavery, King Cotton, and Antebellum
Stagecoach Lines
Stagecoaching in Texas
TEA - Social Studies Curriculum Website
Teaching from the Grave
Teaching with Stuff: Architecture in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Artifacts in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Images in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Oral Histories in the Classroom
Tejano Epic: Essays in Honor of Felix D. Almaraz, Jr.
Tejanos and the Civil War
Tejanos Through Time - TSHA ebook
Telegraph and Texas Register
Telling Our Stories: Grayson County Reminiscences: the First 150 years, 1846-1996
Texans and Their State; a Newspaper Reference Work
Texans at Antietam
Texans One and All
Texas African American Women Before and After the Civil War
Texas Almanac
Texas Almanac
Texas Almanac Teacher's Guide
Texas and the Civil War
Texas Civil War Indian Trouble Memorial, Irion County
Texas Counties 4U
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Economics - Eras and Individuals
Texas Experiences: Mexican-American Heritage
Texas Flag Exhibit Background and History
Texas Forts
Texas Forts
Texas Fun Facts
Texas Geology Map
Texas Heros Bingo
Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Texas Historical Landmarks Mobile App
Texas Historical Markers Lesson Plan
Texas History Coloring Book
Texas History Looping Cards
Texas History Mini-Qs from The DBQ Project
Texas History Practice Cards
Texas History Word Splash
Texas in the Civil War
Texas in the Civil War: Stories of Sacrifice, Valor and Hope
Texas Indian Troubles
Texas Industries: Then and Now
Texas Jewish Immigrant Traveling Trunk Program
Texas Legislature
Texas Maps Collection
Texas Milestones: 1830-1860
Texas Music: Its Roots, Its Evolution
Texas Originals: Charles Goodnight
Texas Originals: José Antonio Navarro
Texas Originals: Juan Seguín
Texas Originals: Norris Wright Cuney
Texas Originals: Quanah Parker
Texas Originals: Sam Houston
Texas Outline Map
Texas Pioneer Women: Enterprising Women in the West
Texas Pioneer Women: Legacies
Texas Pioneer Women: Mexican Era
Texas Pioneer Women: Q&A
Texas Pioneer Women: Spanish Era
Texas Pioneer Women: Statehood Era
Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers-photograph
Texas Reader Biography Set - Digital Version
Texas Slavery Project
Texas State Capital Tour
Texas State Capitol Visit Teacher Guides
Texas Talk with State Historian of Texas Bill O'Neal: Gunslingers in Texas
Texas Talks with Dr. Frank de la Teja: Q&A about Spanish Texas
Texas Talks: Dr. Randolph Campbell, Texas Confederate Pensions, Full Talk
Texas Talks: The Changing Faces of Fort McKavett
Texas Talks: The Changing Faces of Fort McKavett, Officers Quarters, Part 4
Texas Tejano Photograph Collection
Texas Troubles
Texas Women in the Civil War
Texas: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)
Texian Heritage Festival
The American Conflict: a History of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-64
The Beginnings of the University of Texas and Texas A&M University
The Civil War Diary of Lucy Pier Stevens
The Civil War on the Texas Home Front
The Civil War Through Contemporary Accounts: The Diary of Alexander Hobbs
The Civilian and Galveston Gazette
The DBQ Professional Development Workshop Series
The Encyclopedia of Texas, Volume 1
The End of the Ordeal
The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Collection
The Evolution of Early "Six Shooter" Technology
The Evolution of Firearm Combat from Horseback
The Fiery Trial
The Great Military Map of Texas
The History of Greater Dallas and Vicinity, Vol. 1
The Houston Family Album
The Houston Story
The Illegal Slave Trade in Texas, 1808-1865
The Indian Papers of Texas and the Southwest, 1825-1916
The James F. Perry Papers
The Laws of Texas
The McArdle Notebooks
The Old Army in Texas: A Research Guide to the U.S. Army in Ninteenth Century Texas
The Origins of the Camino Real in Texas
The Portable Handbook of Texas
The Reminiscences of Major General Zenas R. Bliss, 1854-1876: From the Texas Frontier to the Civil War and Back Again
The Sam Houston Project
The Sibley Expedition
The Six Flags of Texas
The Texas Cattle Kingdom
The Texas Rangers: From Horses to Helicopters
This is your House - The Governor’s Mansion: Texas Front Porch since 1856
Treasurer’s Warrant As Pay For Texas Rangers Signed By Gov. Sam Houston, 1861
Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas
TSHA Annual Meeting
Tunisons Texas and Indian Territory
Two Great Southerners: Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee
UIL-Social Studies
Under the Rebel Flag-1860 (Big Trouble)
Under the Rebel Flag-Dissent (Those Who Disagreed)
Under the Rebel Flag-Life in Texas During the Civil War-before the war
Under the Rebel Flag: Life in Texas During the Civil War
Unidentified Civil War veterans
Union Plans for Texas
University of Texas at Austin: Physics Department History
Valor Across The Lone Star: The Congressional Medal of Honor in Frontier Texas
Wanted: Texas Workers
Wartime Reconstruction: Imagining the Aftermath
Watt Matthews of Lambshead, With a New Afterword by Laura Wilson
Welcome to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Historic Sites!
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Part I
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Part II
William E.P. Sawyer and Civil War Veterans
William Pitt Ballinger: Texas Lawyer, Southern Statesman, 1825-1888
Williams, Elizabeth Ellen Johnson [Lizzie]
Women Across Texas History
Women and Education
Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives & Daughters - Part 1
Women In Early Texas
Yellow Hand

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