Progressive Era

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A Booming Industry: Oil in Texas (4th grade)
A Booming Industry: Oil in Texas (7th grade)
A Breed So Rare: The Life of J.R. Parten, Liberal Texas Oil Man, 1896-1992
A Brief Look at African American Soldiers in the Great War
A History of Trinity County Texas, 1827 to 1928
A Texas Scrap-Book: Made Up of the History, Biography, and Miscellany of Texas and Its People
A Thumb-nail History of the City of Houston, Texas, from Its Founding in 1836 to the Year 1912
A World of Interest: Frida Kahlo's Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird
Adina Emilia De Zavala
Adventures in Education Guide
African American History eBook
African Americans and Politics
African Americans in Texas
African-American Churches
After Reconstruction: Problems of African Americans in the South
After the Great Storm: Galveston's Response to the Hurrican of Sept. 8, 1900
Agnes and Hedwig Lundschen
Agnes OBrien West Residence, 403 E. North Street, Refugio, Texas
Agriculture in Texas
Alamo Plaza History: A Photographic Guide to the Many Faces of Alamo Plaza
Aldridge Sawmill – The Story in Numbers
Alice Gutierrez and Edward Gutierrez
Alicia Martinez in graduation dress, 1910
Alicia, Wenceslao, and Aurora Martinez, 1907
Alvina Pfluger Speckels
Alvine and Bernice Moser
American Armies and Battlefields in Europe: A History, Guide and Reference Book
Americas Dreams Through the Decades
An Architectural History of UTs Garrison Hall
An Overview of the History of Public Education in Texas
Analyzing Historical Objects
Andrews County
Annie Thompson McClendon reading magazine on porch of the Clarence Heath Miller house, 3200 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas
Annual Historic Chautauqua Auditorium Assembly
Anti Saloon League of Texas
Artesian well for irrigating rice fields, Wharton County
Artifacts in the Classroom
Artifacts on desk at exhibit at Texas Bankers Association Headquarters in Austin, Texas
Aurora Martinez Gonzalez and Jose Basilica Gonzalez and their wedding party, 1915
Austin and Ragsdale Priestly
Austin Streets
Band members on float in Fourth of July parade
Bank president M. B. Loyd and employees in the First National Bank of Fort Worth
Banks and Banking
Barrilero (water carrier) and donkey cart beside large water tank, Laredo, Texas
Baseball team, Austin County
Bastion at Mission Espada, San Antonio, Texas
Beatrice and Thomas Masterson holding bundles of hay, Thomas W. Masterson Ranch on Turtle Creek, Kerr County, Texas
Bell Ringer: Border Enforcement and the Origins of Undocumented Immigration
Betty Lacy and Ples Pagitt
Bexar County
Biracial Unions on Galvestons Waterfront, 1865-1925
Bishop Paul J. Nussbaum and congregation outside Precious Blood Catholic Church, Calallen, Texas
Black Gold
Black Gold!
Black Gold: the Texas Oil Boom
Boy scouts and their scout master, Floresville, Texas, ca. 1912
Boy standing beside Edison phonograph on porch of frame residence, ca. 1908
Business District Parade
Byrd Williams Photography Collection
C. C. Slaughter
Cadet Harvey Perrin in dormitory room at Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, College Station, Texas
Cal and Mollie Crutsinger on sales trip with their Rawleigh Products peddlers wagon, Mason, Texas
Capitol Views
Captain Jeff’s Personal Account
Carlo Rigamonti in full-length studio portrait
Carmen Bazan in Gypsy costume
Caroline Castillo Crimm
Castolon: A Meeting Place of Two Cultures
Causeway Drawbridge
Causeway Opening and Parade
Celebrate Texas 175: Jim Parsons talks about Spindletop
Celebrating Texas
Charles Allen Culberson
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce
Child Labor in America
Children and employees standing beside a goat cart on Thomas W. Masterson Ranch on Turtle Creek, Kerr County, Texas
Children in donkey cart decorated for parade, Del Rio, Texas, ca. 1910s
Children in Guadalupe River, Kerrville, Texas
Children of Porfirio and Erlinda Zambrano Tapia
Children on parade float in Mission
Children playing with toy horses
Children posed with doll furniture behind residence
Chris Oster, Henry Moser, and friend in wagon on J. W. Moser farm, Hurnville, Clay County, Texas
Chronicles of the Big Bend: A Photographic Memoir of Life on the Border
Chronicling America: Uncovering a World at War
City Electric Garage
City Government
City Hall, Military Plaza
Civil Engineering
Civil Rights Pioneers
Civil-Rights Movement
Clara Driscoll
Class photo of Melvin School students
Clifton College girls basketball team
Coal and Lignite Mining
Col. Severino Calderon and other Federal Army officers during Mexican Revolution, 1911
Coleman Mansion (Chiltipin Ranch House), San Patricio County, Texas
Coleman, Bessie
Commission Form of City Government
Concentrating on Reform
Conquering Polio: A Lecture by David Oshinsky
Construction of Crosbyton-South Plains Railroad, Crosby County, Texas
Corps of cadets outside Main Building, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
Corpus Christi
Cotton bales outside Frisco Freight Depot, Brady, Texas
Cotton Compress Industry
Cotton Farming in Texas
Council Manager Form of City Government
Counties and County Seats
County Auditor
County School Trustees
Couple in swing on residence lawn, Del Rio, Texas, ca. 1910-1915
Cowboys and Cattle Drives, 1865-1885
Cowboys branding cattle in pens at Norias Division of the King Ranch
Cowboys on horseback, St. Charles Ranch, Aransas County, Texas, ca. 1910s
Crosby County Gin, Crosbyton, Texas
Crowd gathered around an airplane at Ellington Field
Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History
Dan A. Hurds Reo automobile, one of the first in McCulloch County, Texas
Danish Heritage Preservation Society's photography Collection
Dates and Definitions for Major Eras in Texas History
Dates and Definitions for Major Eras in Texas History
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Dayton history group reviews rice farm consolidation in county
De-Mystifying Religion for Classroom Teachers: Teaching About Jews, Judaism, and Religious Diversity
Democratic Party
Demonstration of mechanical cotton picker, Wharton County, Texas
Did nature help or hinder the building of railroads in Texas?
Did the oil boom bust the environment in Texas?
Documents of Texas History
Dr. and Mrs. O.C. Jackson, their baby daughter Avis, and friend Lena Spiller in automobile, Voca, Texas
Dr. Charles A. R. Campbell on foundation of one of his bat roosts
Dr. Samuel Peterson: Looking Back 100 Years
Dreiss family and friends driving in the Guadalupe River on way to Fredericksburg, Texas
Edna Muernberger
Education in Texas
Educational Trunks from PPHM
Eisenlohr Letter to Girlfriend, From Rice Institute, Jan. 8, 1916
El Campo Cornet Band
El Campo Municipal Baseball League trainers and players
El Paso, Before and After the Railroad
Election Laws
Electric Park
Elementary school students, Goliad County, Texas, 1917
Elisabet Ney
Emmie and Ella Curry beside Christmas tree, 801 Matagorda Street
Employee changing the tires on car belonging to Paul Dreiss, James Edward Dreiss Ranch
Employees outside their house on the William J. McMurray Ranch, Live Oak County, Texas
Encyclopedia of Texas Jewish Communities
Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters
Enrique Uribe and sister, Maria Elmira Uribe, 1910-1912
Ernest Sorrenson and friends with donkey cart bound for one-room school, Swisher County, Texas
Esther Pizzini in First Communion dress
Ethel Huff
Eufracio Rodriguez and Eufemia Zambrano Rodriquez at their wedding reception, Karnes County, Texas
Eugene C. Barker, Historian
Exterior of Del Rio Electric Light and Ice Company, Del Rio, Texas, ca. 1910s
Exterior of First Presbyterian Church, 800 Jefferson Street, Kerrville, Texas, 1918
Failed Diplomacy: the Zimmermann Telegram
Family Outing in Austin, Texas: The Wong Family and the First Chinese Baby
Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System
Fiesta San Antonio
Fiestas Patrias
Finley W. Parker in touring automobile
Fire truck at Camp Travis
First Lady Anita Perry talks about the Texas Governor's Mansion
Flags of Texas Settlers
Focke Wholesale Grocer
Folk Belief
Folk Building
Folk Dance
Folk Festivals
Folk Games
Fort Worth
Fort Worth: A Texas Original!
Fourth of July parade
Frank Jecker residence, Commerce Street, Refugio, Texas 1910
Frank Reaugh: Landscapes of Texas and the American West
Fred Fuhrman and Edward Moser in buggy, John Moser Farm, Hurnville, Clay County, Texas
Fredericksburg, Texas
Frederico Gutierrez and Hulda Limon wedding portrait
Frisco engine 359 on new tressle over Brady Creek, Brady, Texas
From Pioneer Paths to Superhighways
Funeral Expense for Mrs. Martha Parks, 16 January 1917
G. Meschi Grocery
Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Galveston: A History and a Guide
Garnett Duncan holding his daughter
General John J. Pershing and staff, El Paso, Texas
German-Texan Heritage Society Annual Conference
Giant Under The Hill: A History of the Spindletop Oil Discovery at Beaumont, Texas, in 1901
Gonzalez, Henry Barbosa
Great Texas Women
Halftone of Patillo Higgins
Handbook of African American Texas
Handbook of Texas Online
Hardin-Simmons Photography Collection
Hazardous Business: Industry, Regulation, and the Texas Railroad Commission
Health and Medicine
Historical Map Collection
History in Your Own Backyard
Home on the Range
Hotel Galvez
Hotel Galvez
Hotel Galvez, Grand Opening
Hotel Galvez, Interior Dining Room Decorated for Halloween
Houston area parks
Houston Arts and Media YouTube Channel
Houston Ship Channel
How could a doubleheader create unsafe working condidtions on the railroad?
How did oil spark an economic makeover in towns across Texas?
How did railroads change cities in Texas forever? Case Study: El Paso
How did Spindletop spark a Texas industry that impacted the nation?
How did the growth of railroads impact population growth?
Howard Robard Hughes Sr.
Hurricane Destruction, Clean-up Crew in Residential Area
Hurricane Destruction, Clean-up Crew in Residential Area
Hurricane Destruction, Residential Area
Hurricane Destruction, Residential Area
Hurricane Destruction, St. John’s Methodist Church
Hurricane Destruction, Warehouse or Factory
I was the first. Vote for ME!
Image Gallery for the Curriculum Guide For Teaching Texas History
Images in the Classroom
In a life of firsts, Barbara Jordan won a lasting legacy
Inland Waterways
Interior of City Drug Store, Laredo, Texas, 1915-1920
Interior of post office, El Campo, Texas
Inventions Over Time
It Was a Boom, Before It Went Bust!
Jack Locke in army officers uniform, ca. 1917
James Ferguson
James Frank Dobie
Jane McCallum
Jane McCallum: Suffrage Movement
Jane Yelvington McCallum
Jo Ann Stiles
John Mitchell's Oath of Office 1870
John Nance (Cactus Jack) Garner
Joplin, Scott
Jose Romulo Munguia Torres
Joseph D. Sayers
Josephine Dreiss holding gun and dead rabbit
Juanita Bazan, in First Communion dress, with her sister, Carmen Bazan
Julia Harrison and Minnie May in carriage decorated for Memorial Day Parade, Wharton, Texas
Julian C. Gallardo and students, El Carmen School, Losoya, Texas
Julius Lorenzo Cobb Bledsoe
Justices of Texas
King Ranch
Ku Klux Klan
KXAS-NBC 5 News Collection (1960s primary sources)
Labor organizations
Landmarks Over Time
Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs
Laying Telephone Cable in Galveston Bay, Crew Splicing Cable
Lead and Zinc Production
League of Women Voters of Texas
Lesson Plans on Womens History
Livestock in Texas
Living on a Cotton Farm: Mexican American Life in Texas
Livin’ in High Cotton: Technology and Texas’s King Crop
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Sr.
Lone Star Leadership Academy
Lone Star Legacy: Poetry, Prose, and History, The African-American Experience in Texas
Lucia and Julia Zambrano
Lulu Belle Madison White
Lumber Industry
Maggie Bourgeois and grandchildren in delivery truck
Man Holding a Cap
Mariachi Music
McCulloch County Courthouse, Brady, Texas
Media Analysis Tools
Men in Buggy Pulled by Donkeys, La Grange, Texas
Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Mexican American Organizations
Mexican Americans
Mexican Americans In Texas History: Selected Essays
Mexican Revolution Field Artillery
Mexican-American Women
Milsaps Collection
Mind Missions - 4th grade workbook
Mineral Resources and Mining
Mineral Spas in Texas
Minerals in Texas
Miss Clack and Indian
Mother and Daughter in Camp Fire Costumes
Mount Up! US Cavalry Equipment, 1900-1920
Moving Towards Reform
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ramsay and Son Edwin with Family Vehicle, Brady, Texas
My Texas History Notebook Lessons
National Woman's Party
Natural Disasters
Newt Chaney and Adolph Houseton with Coyotes Killed on the Adolph Houseton Ranch Near Simmons, Live Oak County, Texas
Nimitz, Chester William
No Man’s Land: East Texas African Americans in WWI
North Texas Masonic Historical Museum And Library
Notable 20th Century Texans
Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Texas: A Cultural History
Oilfield Strike of 1917
Old Red Museum of Dallas County History Camp Summer Education Programs: Youth Programs
Oscar Branch Colquitt
Passport of Mitsutaro Kobayashi
Pat Morris Neff
Pat Neff and Texas State Parks
Patti Welder Wearing Ball Gown
Pattillo Higgins
People of the Plains: Abundant Wind Provides Water
Pete Moser Wearing Chaps Made from Angora Goat Hair, Clay County, Texas
Pioneer Texas Architects
Political Convention -1900
Political Convention -1900
Political Parties
Population in Texas
Portraits Of Community: African American Photogrophy in Texas
Portraits of Texas Governors
Primary Source Lesson Plan Page from The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Primary Sources and Personal Artifacts
Proceedings of Investigation Committee, House of Representatives Thirty-Fifth Legislature: Charges Against Gov James Ferguson
Progressive Era
Progressives and Prohibitionists: Texas Democrats in the Wilson Era
Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker to Governor Campbell, 1909
Raildroads: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)
Raising City Level
Raising Level of Central Christian Church
Ranching in Texas
Range Conservation Experimental Station at Abilene
Red Book of Houston : a compendium of social, professional, educational and industrial interests of Houston's colored population
Republican Party
Rice Culture
Richard Allen's Oath of Office, April 26, 1870
Ross S. Sterling
Roy Bedichek
Sacred Memories: The Civil War Monument Movement in Texas
Sam Rayburn House Museum Activity Guide
Samuel Willis Tucker Lanham
Saving lives, Training Caregivers, Making Discoveries: A Centennial History of the University of Texas Medical Branch ...
Scavenger Hunt
Scouting Magazine Collection
Seawall Boulevard
Seawall Boulevard and Breakers Bathhouse
Seawall Boulevard and Crystal Palace
Seawall Construction
She's Blowing a Gusher- By Pump Jack and the Oilers
Sheep Ranching
Slave Narratives Audio Records
Socialist Party
Soldiers (Caption on back: awaiting to go to Mexico)
Soldiers Marching
Southwestern Historical Quarterly 1897-1997
Speaking of the Speaker
St. Mary’s Cathedral religion architecture galveston
St. Patricks Church Being Raised
State Fair of Texas: Marion Butts Collection
State Tree
Take a Stand
Tax Boards
TEA - Social Studies Curriculum Website
Teaching from the Grave
Teaching with Documents: Photographs of Lewis Hine: Documentation of Child Labor
Teaching with Documents: Photographs of the 369th Infantry and African Americans during World War I
Teaching with Documents: Political Cartoons Illustrating Progressivism and the Election of 1912
Teaching with Documents: Sow the Seeds of Victory! Posters from the Food Administration During World War I
Teaching with Documents: The Zimmermann Telegram
Teaching with Documents: Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment
Teaching with Stuff: Architecture in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Artifacts in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Images in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Oral Histories in the Classroom
Tejano Epic: Essays in Honor of Felix D. Almaraz, Jr.
Tejanos Through Time - TSHA ebook
Telling Our Stories: Grayson County Reminiscences: the First 150 years, 1846-1996
Texans Take to the Trenches: WWI The Lone Star State and the Great War - Online Exhibit
Texas Almanac
Texas Almanac
Texas Almanac Teacher's Guide
Texas and Pacific Coal Company, Thurber, Erath County
Texas Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
Texas Boomtowns: The Impact of Oil Discovery on a Community
Texas Centennial Exposition
Texas Counties 4U
Texas Cultures Online
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Economics - Eras and Individuals
Texas Experiences: Mexican-American Heritage
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Texas Folklife Festival Collection
Texas Forest Service
Texas Fun Facts
Texas Geology Map
Texas Hall of Fame
Texas Heros Bingo
Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Texas Historical Landmarks Mobile App
Texas Historical Markers Lesson Plan
Texas History Coloring Book
Texas History Looping Cards
Texas History Mini-Qs from The DBQ Project
Texas History Practice Cards
Texas History Word Splash
Texas in Conflict, 1900 – 1920
Texas in Transition: Railroads, Oil, and the Rise of Urban Texas
Texas Jewish Immigrant Traveling Trunk Program
Texas Legislature
Texas Locations Video Category (TAMI)
Texas Maps Collection
Texas Music: Its Roots, Its Evolution
Texas Oil Boom
Texas Oil, American Dreams: A Study of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
Texas Originals: Amon G. Carter
Texas Originals: Arthur John Jack Johnson
Texas Originals: Carlos E. Castañeda
Texas Originals: Charles Franklin "Frank" Reaugh
Texas Originals: Charles Goodnight
Texas Originals: Edna Ferber
Texas Originals: J. Mason Brewer
Texas Originals: Jane Y. McCallum
Texas Originals: John Avery Lomax
Texas Originals: Jovita González
Texas Originals: Karle Wilson Baker
Texas Originals: Katherine Anne Porter
Texas Originals: King Wallis Vidor
Texas Originals: Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias
Texas Originals: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
Texas Originals: Scott Joplin
Texas Originals: Zachary Scott
Texas Orignials: Annie Webb Blanton
Texas Outline Map
Texas Paper Leaders
Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers in 1915-photograph
Texas Reader Biography Set - Digital Version
Texas State Capital Tour
Texas State Federation of Labor
Texas Talks: The Changing Faces of Fort McKavett
Texas Tejano Photograph Collection
Texas Transportation
Texas World War I Centennial Commemoration
Texas World War I Training Sites
Texas: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)
Texian Heritage Festival
The Beginnings of the University of Texas and Texas A&M University
The Commercial Melting Pot - 20th Century Texas Business
The George H. Williams, Jr. World Ward I Aviation Library
The Hoggs of Texas: Letters and Memoirs of an Extraordinary Family, 1887-1906
The Indian Papers of Texas and the Southwest, 1825-1916
The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919
The Kishi Farm: Japanese Immigrants to Texas
The McFadden-Ward House: Life-style and Legacy in Oil-Boom Beaumont, Texas
The National WWI Museum and Memorial - Education Resources
The Portable Handbook of Texas
The Rio Grande Border Filmography Project
The Story of Buffalo Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel, 1926
The Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas-Understanding Primary Sources
The Texas Film Sampler
The Texas Rangers: From Horses to Helicopters
This is your House - The Governor’s Mansion: Texas Front Porch since 1856
Thomas Mitchell Campbell
Thurber, Texas Coal Town
Timber! - The Texas Lumber Industry
Transcontinental Railroad:Teacher's Guide: Suggestions for Active Learning
Transportation in Texas
Travels with Joe: The Life Story of a Historian from Texas, 1917-1993
Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas
TSHA Annual Meeting
Tunisons Texas and Indian Territory
U. S. Cavalry Medical Corps
UIL-Social Studies
Union regulation
University of Texas at Austin: Physics Department History
University of Texas Medical Branch - Old Red
Voices for Votes - Suffrage Strategies
Votes for Women!
Votes for Women! The Womens Suffrage Movement in Texas
Walter Prescott Webb
Was martial law effective in the oil war in Texas?
Water Improvement Districts
Watt Matthews of Lambshead, With a New Afterword by Laura Wilson
Weather in Texas
Weathering Texas
Welcome to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Historic Sites!
When Cotton Was King; The Economics of the Cotton Industry
Why did farmers rally around Governor Hogg and the Texas Railroad Commission?
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Educator Guide
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Part I
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Part II
Why would the people of Texas want more government control of railroads?
William Pettus Hobby
Windmills in the West
Winds of Change - The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Winds of Change: The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Woman Suffrage
Womans Christian Temperance Union
Women and Education
Women and Politics
Women and Texas History: Selected Essays
Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives & Daughters - Part 1
Women working on a bi-wing airplane
World War I
Yaqui Indian in brush