15 Minute History: Mexican American War

This episode looks at US perceptions of Mexico through map making during the US / Mexico War. This talk will discuss in detail a number of maps that were published in the US, mostly New York between 1846 and 1850. Some of them were reissued annually to reflect ongoing progress in the Mexican-American war, but historians and military analysts alike have ignored them until recently. Guest Chloe Ireton looks at how these maps, released for a general, popular audience, reflect the US’s position on the war, served to distribute propaganda in aid of the conflict, and may have influenced the positioning of the border during the negotiation of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
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https://15minutehistory.org/2012/11/26/episode-5-mapping-perspectives-of-the-mexican-american-war/ Disclaimer: this does not appear to be a resource that we own or control.

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