BATTLE FOR TEXAS: The Experience

The Battle for Texas: The Experience is a permanent exhibition, on the ground floor of the River Center Mall, in San Antonio, Texas. This exhibition is meant to serve as an interactive exhibition and immersive attraction showcase of Texas history, with a focus on the Alamo historic battle. The attraction showcases an important collection of 250 artifacts curated from the private libraries of major collectors and historians, including Santa Anna’s uniform, bed and personal effects kept in his tent, portraits of William B. Travis, Sam Houston and James Bowie, Davy Crockett’s “long knife,” and the cannonball shot at Santa Anna’s Army in response to the “No Quarter” flag. three-minute inspirational film showcased on twelve giant synchronized monitors that reflects on the history of an independent Texas, including the famous figures, cultural icons and significant events that made Texas the great state it is today. Lastly,each guest will have the opportunity to add a photo of themselves to a digital mosaic of the Texas flag at “The Fabric of Texas.”
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