Certificate of Land of the Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company, 1830

Certificate of land from Lorenzo de Zavala, Joseph Vehlein and David G. Burnet to Stephen Whitney. The four tracts of land given "comprehend all the land not settled" from the western boundary of the United States at the Gulf of Mexico, to the Sabine River in the north, to a road between Natchitoches to Nacogdoches, to twenty Spanish Leagues from to road down to the suburbs of Nacogdoches. A map outlining the tracts of land is given at the bottom, next to the signatures of the trustees and attorneys. The total acreage of the land is 4,428 and 402/1000 acres, and was meant for colonizing according to the laws of the United States of Mexico, and the State of Coahuila and Texas.
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