DeWitt Colony Papers: Documents and Correspondence for 1824 - 1826

The DeWitt Colony Papers:Documents and Correspondence for the years 1824 - 1826Including: 1824Trimble to Austin 26 JunDeWitt to Austin 6 Dec1825Cox to Austin 21 AprDeWitt's Petition 7 AprAustin to Emily Perry MayBastrop to Austin 16 JulDeLeon to Austin 24 JulAustin to Saucedo 18 AugNorton to Austin 15 OctAustin to Emily Perry 28 OctDeWitt to Kerr 12 Nov 1826Notes on Settlement 183?DeWitt to Austin 9 MarAustin to Political Chief 18 Mar DeLeon to Austin 19 MarAustin to Saucedo 8 MaySaucedo to Austin 17 MayAustin to Saucedo 19 MayNorton to Austin 29 MaySaucedo to Austin 29 JunKerr to Austin 15 JulAustin to Saucedo (2) 17 JulKerr to Austin 18 JulKerr to Austin 30 JulKerr to Austin 8 AugKerr to Austin 18 AugKerr to Austin 23 AugDeWitt to Austin (2) 3 SepSaucedo to Austin 21 SepAustin to Bexar Ayunto 7 NovKerr to Austin 11 NovKerr to Austin 12 NovAustin to Saucedo 21 NovDeWitt to Austin 1 DecNorton to Austin 13 DecSmith Appointment 14 Dec
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