DeWitt Colony Papers: Documents and Correspondence for 1829 - 1834

The DeWitt Colony Papers:Documents and Correspondence for the years 1829 to 1834Includes:1829DeWitt to Austin 3 Mar (2)DeWitt to Musquiz 8 May (3)Kerr to Austin 5 AugLockhart to Austin 25 Oct1830Gonzales Town Decree 4 AprLockhart to Barton 8 Aug1831Palmer Arrest Order 26 AprAustin to Williams 8 MayMusquiz to Alcalde 26 May1832Deed Town of Gonzales 25 AugAyuntamiento to Musquiz AugWilliams to de la Garza 16 Dec1833Minutes Gonzales Ayuntamiento 1833Patrick to Musquiz 27 AprAyuntamiento to Chief 26 Jun1834Minutes Gonzales Ayuntamiento 1834
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Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas

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