DeWitt Colony Papers: Documents and Correspondence for 1835

The DeWitt Colony Papers:Documents and Correspondence for the year 1835Collection includes:Minutes Gonzales Ayuntamiento 1835Blackaller to Williams 19 MayKerr to Borden 3 JunMiller to Chambers/Smith 4 Jul (2)Fisher to Committee 4 JulKerr to Chambers 5 JulStatement Gonzales Citizens 7 JulGritten to Ugartechea 7 JulMiller to Smith 25 JulSmith to Miller 31 JulSmith to Ponton Jul Kerr to Lewis 3 AugMinister to Gonzales 5 AugMiller to Public SepCommittee to Mina SepAustin to Committee 29 SepKerr to Austin 30 SepConfrontation at Gonzales Sep 20-3 OctBarragan Decree 3 OctSanta Anna Dictatorial Proclamation 3 OctBattle & Siege of Bexar 3 Oct-11 DecGritten to Gonzales Alcalde 4 OctKerr to Council 10 OctKerr to Austin 20 OctKerr to Committee Safety 28 OctFisher to Austin 3 NovSmither to Austin 4 NovSmither to Council 23 NovSmith to G.W. Davis 1 DecCouncil to Mexican People 10 DecJohn Fisher to Committee of Safety 31 Dec
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