Donated Maps Help Save Texas History and Illustrate Early American Independence

This is a compilation of primary sources, mainly early Texas History Maps, organized by the Texas General Land Office. The Texas General Land Office is proud to announce the donation of three more historic maps to our Archives. These maps, donated by Ms. Katherine Staat in memory of her uncle Chris Merrillat, augment our collection of 45,000 maps and sketches and enhance the GLO Archives — one of the premier cartographic collections in Texas and the Southwest. This generous donation is a great example of how Texans can help support our Save Texas History efforts, while simultaneously honoring friends and family. Staat approached the Texas General Land Office in 2015 with a general question about map conservation and digitization of three maps that she found that belonged to her uncle. She decided that donating the maps to the General Land Office was what was best for their long term care, and it would be an appropriate way to honor her uncle, Chris Merrillat, whom Staat described as a “cartophile.”
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Texas General Land Office

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