How Texans Helped To Win The War (Texas in WWII)

Students will learn that Texans made a significant contribution to the US war effort in World War II. A Texan, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, served as Commander in Chief of US Naval operations in the Pacific, another Texan, Oveta Culp Hobby, created and directed the Women’s Army Corps throughout most of the War, and the list of Texans receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor is long, their stories of valor glorious. The most decorated soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy, was a Texas, as was the first African American WWII hero, Doris Miller. More World War II officers came from Texas A & M University than any other school and both service academies combined—over 14,000. Texas housed more military bases and training centers than any other state and many POW camps keeping enemy prisoners away from the fields of battle. A number of military machines were built in Texas and run on Texan oil products. In fact, 90% of American oil used in the War effort came out of Texas soil.
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