Texas Talks with Debra Winegarten: Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby Winegarten - Part 2

Winegarten discusses Oveta's life after she meets governor Hobby. She explains how Oveta was brought in to the WWII efforts and how women became involved. She moves to D.C. to run the Women’s’ Interest Bureau for the Army. As more men are drafted, women are looked at to help more. Oveta was asked to draw up a plan for a women’s army unit and eventually asked to run it. Winegarten explains how history from today and in the past impact meaning and interpretation. She reveals a number of challenges Oveta faced in her groundbreaking roles.
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http://tshasecurepay.com/digital-library/texas-talks/teaching-texas/?video-id=46 Disclaimer: this does not appear to be a resource that we own or control.

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Texas State Historical Association

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