Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Introduction of Petra Vela Kenedy

Dr. Crimm discusses Petra Vela Vidal Kenedy, who became the wife of one of the two richest ranchers in Texas, Mifflin Kenedy. Dr. Crimm visited Mexico City to research Petra and her first husband, Louis Vidal, using the Mexican Military Archives. She noticed that Petra was in the census listed as a "servant" and did not appear to be married but her children bore Vidal's name. It appeared that her children were born throughout Mexico in 1846 during the Mexican American War. Louis Vidal, however, appeared to have married another woman, Manuela Andrande, in 1842. Dr. Crimm states that Petra Vela was most likely a mestiza and a ranch girl from Mier. Petra had eight children with Louis Vidal starting in 1837. Louis Vidal died in 1850.
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