Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Patricia de Leon's Legal Battles and Legacy

Dr. Crimm discusses Patricia's legacy. During the Texas Revolution, General Rusk moved many Mexican families from the de Leon colony in an attempt to prevent them from aiding the Mexican government. During this instability, Patricia decides to move her family to New Orleans. She sold her ranch property to do this. By 1845 Patricia returns to Texas and her children scatter. Many get involved in court battles. Many Mexicans lost land during this period as Anglo squatters came in and took over. However, Patricia fights and hires Anglo lawyers so that she can keep what is left of her family's land. She was willing to use the Anglo system to regain her land. In her will, she leaves land, cattle, and mortgages to her daughters. She also donates land to create a Catholic Church in Victoria. Patricia owned property, sued, held mortgages and handled business in her own name. These laws were all part of Mexican law and the Hispanic world she lived in, which shes used to defend herself.
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