Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Politics in the de Leon colony (Victoria Colony)

Dr. Crimm discusses the politics in the de Leon colony (Victoria Colony). In 1824, Martin and Patricia de Leon, who have 10 children, set out to establish a colony in Texas. Their colony's location creates political issues and discord, as it is surrounded by the colonies of Austin, DeWitt, and many other Anglo settlers. Martin's son, Fernando, become the land commission and is in charge of assigning land to settlers. Fernando runs into problems with the Austin colony and, in fact, is thrown in jail at one point by Stephen F. Austin for unknown reasons. After Martin dies from cholera, Patricia manages much of the family's colony with her sons and sons-in-laws, who face some difficulty during this period, politically, as the family is divided between supporting the liberal and conservative factions in Mexico. During the Texas Revolution, there is concern in the de Leon colony with Mexican General Urrea, who captures many settlers and, notoriously, executes prisoners following General Santa Anna's orders at Goliad.
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