Texas Talks with Dr. Frank de la Teja: Spanish Missions in Texas

This is the complete session with Dr. Jesus de la Teja. He discusses the origins of Mission San Jose and how history of how the Alamo along with the four other Spanish colonial missions in San Antonio became a World Heritage Site in the summer of 2015, making them the first places in Texas deemed to be of “outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity”. UNESCO’s recognition of the missions inspired the Texas State Historical Association to feature Dr. Jesús “Frank” de la Teja, Director for the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University, to discuss the role of Antonio Margil de Jesús in Imperial Spanish Texas at Mission San José in our inaugural Texas Talks program. De la Teja presented "Understanding Spanish Texas through the Life of Fray Margil" in a live presentation on September 28, 2015. The rebroadcast also includes the Q&A live program along with smaller topical segments.
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http://tshasecurepay.com/digital-library/texas-talks/teaching-texas/?video-id=1 Disclaimer: this does not appear to be a resource that we own or control.

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