Texas World War I Centennial Commemoration

The Texas World War I Centennial organization is part of the National World War I Centennial Commission (WWICC). Texas is committed to commemorating the role of Texas and Texans in the Great War, especially as we approach the 100 year anniversary of U.S. involvement in 2017-2019. In Texas our goals are: Information and Awareness. Increase awareness of the general public about the role of Texas and Texans the Great War and of Texas WWI commemorative events, monuments and historic locations. Act as a clearinghouse for information on Texas in WWI and as a resource for individual and groups around the State in planning and publicizing commemorative activities. Commemorative events. Work with key constituents and stake-holders around the State in all possible arenas (historical organizations, museums, educational institutions, the arts, military bases, libraries, veterans groups, civic organizations, municipalities, etc.) to plan and execute commemorative events that seek to engage the broadest spectrum of Texans. Education. Engage with the public and with professional educators to assist them in accessing National WWICC educational resources. Partner with educators to promote student projects that commemorate the contribution of Texas and Texans during the Great War. State Commemorative Body. Work with Stated leaders to establish an official commemorative body to coordinate with the National WWICC and to endorse key State Agencies to assist in supporting the World War I centennial commemoration in Texas.
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https://www.texasworldwar1centennial.org/ Disclaimer: this does not appear to be a resource that we own or control.

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Texas World War I Centennial Commemoration
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