The Goliad Massacre: 360° Web Film

The Texas Historical Commission has launched a web documentary film about the Massacre at Goliad. 360* camera technology was used to be attractive and immersive for Texas history students. It can be viewed on laptop, cell phone, tablet, VR headsets or on the THC website. A Chrome browser provides the best experience. All of the sites for the Massacre were shot on location and the artifacts shown were gathered from both public and private collections, including the Alamo Collection of the British rock star, Phil Collins." They are excited to bring it to you as a contemporary means of enriching the understanding of this often overlooked tragedy. THC 360 Degree Video Viewer ExperienceBrowsers and software are not created equal, but are slowly catching up when it comes to supporting 360º video technology. The following are helpful hints that should make it easier for you to have the best viewing experience.The recommended method for viewing our film would be to use a mobile app such You Tube or via the THC Facebook page using the Facebook app.If you are experiencing issues or are unable to view the 360 video using the Facebook or You Tube app, you can use one of the two compatible web browsers, Firefox or Chrome via your Smartphone, tablet or desktop. Safari and Internet Explorer (any version) are not supported at this time and, while you can see the film, you will not get the best frame of reference nor will you be able to successfully navigate around. - When viewing in You Tube, be sure to check that your settings are correct. To the view the film at the highest quality level intended, you should click the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the video player (not the web page, but the player itself) and select 2160s. - Check to make sure the film is playing, and then you can simply rotate your mobile/tablet device or click and drag with your mouse on your desktop within the film to move around to other visuals and explore the images and notes. THC wishes it was easier to view the film across all devices and technology will surely catch up at some point. Unfortunately at this time, this film is received better in some places than others.
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