This is your House - The Governor’s Mansion: Texas Front Porch since 1856

There is a wealth of information and countless teaching opportunities related to the Governor’s Mansion. One obvious area of interest is Architecture. There are several resources included on that subject for teachers to explore if they wish. This unit, however, is focused on helping students discover the true value of the Texas Governor’s Mansion as a symbol of Texas and to understand the loss felt by so many Texans. Though designed for fourth graders, the lessons can easily be adapted for slightly younger students or those as old as 7th grade Texas History students. Teachers of older students would want to bring in the state and national social and political conflicts of the 1850’s and 1860’s as well as the criminal aspect of the mansion fire. The unit incorporates a wide variety of primary source materials including quotes, photographs, census records, letters, and excerpts from newspapers.
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