Social Studies Skills TEKS for 4th Grade

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4.19 The student applies critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of valid sources, including technology.
  • 4.19A Differentiate between, locate, and use valid primary and secondary sources such as technology; interviews; biographies; oral, print, and visual material; documents; and artifacts to acquire information about Texas. 104 resource(s) found
  • 4.19B Analyze information by applying absolute and relative chronology through sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause- and-effect relationships, comparing, contrasting, finding the main idea, summarizing, making generalizations and predictions, and drawing inferences and conclusions. 79 resource(s) found
  • 4.19C Organize and interpret information in outlines, reports, databases, and visuals, including graphs, charts, timelines, and maps. 83 resource(s) found
  • 4.19D Identify different points of view about an issue, topic, historical event, or current event. 0 resource(s) found
4.20 The student uses geographic tools to collect, analyze, and interpret data.
  • 4.20A Apply mapping elements, including grid systems, legends, symbols, scales, and compass roses, to create and interpret maps. 36 resource(s) found
  • 4.20B Interpret geographic data, population distribution, and natural resources into a variety of formats such as graphs and maps. 45 resource(s) found
4.21 The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms.
4.22 The student uses problem-solving and decision-making skills, working independently and with others.
  • 4.22A Use problem-solving and decision-making processes to identify a problem, gather information, list and consider options, consider advantages and disadvantages, choose and implement a solution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. 62 resource(s) found

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