TEKS Expectation 4.21C

4.21C Express ideas orally based on research and experiences.
Belongs to Statement 4.21: The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms.

Teacher & Community Submitted Resources

1972 Sears Cup National Championship Team Photograph
A Journey to the Moon through Texas: Texas and the Apollo Program
A Map of Mexico or New Spain together with California, New Mexico
A New Life in Freedom: A Late 19th-Century African-American Farmstead
Accompaniment to Mitchells New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California, With the Regions Adjoining
African American History month
Agriculture in Texas
Alexander Hobbs U.S. Civil War Diary
American GI Forum
Americas Dreams Through the Decades
Américo Paredes
Analyzing Historical Objects
Annexation Debate to State
Artifacts in the Classroom
Back to Business After Reconstruction
Bexar Archives Online
Blank Line/Bar Graph Grid
Building Texas: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Cabeza de Vaca
Callahan County, Texas Map
Capitol Women
Caroline Castillo Crimm
Casa Navarro Pre-Visit & Post-Visit Lesson Plans 4th Grade Learning Level
Civil War and Reconstruction
Colonial Texas
Counties and County Seats
Counties of Texas
Cowboys and Cattle Drives, 1865-1885
Cram's railroad & township map of Texas.
Creating a Primary Source Archive: All History Is Local
Crime in Texas
Crime Scene in a Box
Culture and the Arts in Texas
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Texas
Defenders of the Alamo
Depression to Prosperity
Documenting Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
Dr. John McNeill Stewart Medical Log, 1836
Education in Texas
Educational Trunks from PPHM
Elections in Texas
Elizabeth Craw Diary, 1833-1841
Environment of Texas
Erasmo and Juan Seguin
European Exploration
Failed Diplomacy: the Zimmermann Telegram
Federal Government
Felix Tijerina: Mexican-American visionary, civil rights activist, and entrepreneur
Folded-Envelope Invitation Card
Guide to Houston Public Library Online Resources
Health and Science in Texas
Henry B. Gonzales
Hispania Nova-1597
Historic Land, Railroad, and County Maps
Houston and Texas Central Railroad, 1876
Houston area parks
Images in the Classroom
Index Inventory
Indian Territory
Indian Women in Texas
Irma Rangel
Julia Ideson and 110 years of the Houston Public Library
Julia Ideson: Honoring Houston's First Librarian
Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Las Tejanas
Le vieux Mexique, ou, Nouvelle Espagne avec les costes de la Floride
Livestock in Texas
Living on a Cotton Farm: Mexican American Life in Texas
Local Government
Manuscript Map and Deed, German Emigration Company to F. T. Arnold
Map of Spanish-Texas-1856
Map of Texas and Indian Territory
Map of the British and French Settlements in North America
Map of the State of Texas showing the line and lands of the Texas and Pacific Railway.
Map to Illustrate War with Mexico
Mapping with a Compass
Maria del Carmen Calvillo
Martin de Leon
Media Analysis Tools
Media in Texas
Mexican Texas
Mexican Texas to Independence
Mexico, or, New Spain: in which the motion of Cortes may be traced
Mineral Spas in Texas
Minerals in Texas
Miniature Book
Modern Economy of Texas
Notable Earthquakes in Texas
Old Red Museum of Dallas County History Camp Summer Education Programs: Youth Programs
Piecing Together History: A Turn-of-the-Century African American Farmstead
Political Cartoon on the Cotton Crisis, 1932
Population in Texas
Portraits of Texas Governors
Prehistoric Texas
Raildroads: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)
Railroad Map of Texas, 1932
Ranching in Texas
Reconnaissance of Aransas Pass, Texas
Reconstructing Texas: 1866-1874
Recreation in Texas
Religion in Texas
Republic of Texas
Researching Local Civil War Soldiers
Ribbon-Tied Invitations
Robert Yarnall Richie Photograph Collection
Rock Art Caves
Rosenwald Schools in Texas
Spanish Dominions in North America-1812
Spanish Dominions in North America-1833
Spanish Dominions in North America-1844
Spanish Missions of Texas
Spanish Missions of Texas Supplemental
Spanish North America-1814
State Government
Stone Tool Scavenger Hunt
Symbols of Texas
Tab Book
Tag It and Bag It
Teaching with Documents: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy, The First Typed Draft of Franklin D. Roosevelts War Address
Teaching with Documents: FDRs First Inaugural Address, Declaring War on the Great Depression
Teaching with Documents: Maps of Indian Territory, the Dawes Act, and Will Rogers Enrollment Case File
Teaching with Documents: Photographs of the 369th Infantry and African Americans during World War I
Teaching with Documents: Sow the Seeds of Victory! Posters from the Food Administration During World War I
Teaching with Documents: The Zimmermann Telegram
Teaching with Stuff: Architecture in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Artifacts in the Classroom
Teaching with Stuff: Images in the Classroom
Tejano Voices
Texas Archeology in the Classroom: A Unit for Teachers
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Hall of Fame
Texas History Mini-Qs from The DBQ Project
Texas Map-1839
Texas Map-1852
Texas Map-1855
Texas Map-1856
Texas Map-Land Grants and Indian Settlements
Texas Maps from TPWD
Texas Native American Timeline
Texas Originals: Lorenzo de Zavala
Texas Originals: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
Texas Originals: Roy Bedichek
Texas Paper Leaders
Texas: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)
Texas: The Lone Star State Today
The Alamo: Building a Scale Model (4th grade)
The Astrodome: Houston's Own 8th Wonder of the World
The Bona Fide Original Real Texas Calendar
The Constitution of Texas
The Gregory School Through the Years
The Path to Revolution
The Story of Texas Edcator Guide: Second Floor - Building the Lone Star Identity
The Texas Cattle Kingdom
The Thomas F. Freedman Collection
Timber! - The Texas Lumber Industry
Timeline for the Western Texas Frontier
Transportation in Texas
Tunisons Texas and Indian Territory
Two Ways of Life
Understanding and Using Primary and Secondary Sources, Social Studies, K-12 and Post-Secondary
Understanding Photo Essays
Using the Texas Almanac Archive
Voices for Votes - Suffrage Strategies
Votes for Women! The Womens Suffrage Movement in Texas
W. D. Smith Commercial Photography
Washington-on-the-Brazos Texas, in the times of Jim Johnson, now free, then a slave who lived there before the War
Water Resources
Weather in Texas
Weathering Texas
When Texas Saw Red: The Cold War Experience (Grade 3-5)
Wildlife in Texas
Willie Nelson and the Austin Music Scene
Women Across Texas History

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