TEKS Expectation 4.6A

4.6A Identify, locate, and describe the physical regions of Texas (Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, Coastal Plains), including their characteristics such as landforms, climate, vegetation, and economic activities.
Belongs to Statement 4.6: The student understands the concept of regions.

Teacher & Community Submitted Resources

Aerial Photograph of the Houston Ship Channel with Major Manmade Features Noted, 1959
Agriculture in Texas
Archeology of the Future
Calendars in Texas
Cities and Towns in Texas
Civil War and Reconstruction
Counties of Texas
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Donated Maps Help Save Texas History and Illustrate Early American Independence
Environment of Texas
Handbook of Texas Online
Hispania Nova-1597
History in Your Own Backyard
How did we get to 254 Counties in Texas?
Hurricane Tracker
La Frontera Fluida (The Fluid Border)
La Salle in Texas - Teacher's Guide for the Age of Discovery and Exploration
Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Map of Spanish-Texas-1856
Map of the State of Coahuila and Texas, 1836
Mapping Melton
Mesquite Trees in Texas
Mind Missions - 4th grade workbook
Minerals in Texas
Natural Regions of Texas Archeology
Notable Earthquakes in Texas
Piecing Together History: A Turn-of-the-Century African American Farmstead
Population in Texas
Ranching in Texas
Recreation in Texas
Relief Map of Texas-1857
Spanish Dominions in North America-1812
Spanish Dominions in North America-1833
Spanish Dominions in North America-1844
Spanish Mapping of Texas
Spanish North America-1814
Texas Archeology in the Classroom: A Unit for Teachers
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas History Snippets Interactive Map: Roads and Places of the Texas Revolution
Texas Maps from TPWD
Texas Originals: Albert Horton Foote Jr.
Texas Originals: Amon G. Carter
Texas Originals: Charles Goodnight
Texas Originals: Edna Ferber
Texas Originals: Ima Hogg
Texas Originals: J. Mason Brewer
Texas Originals: John Biggers
Texas Originals: Jovita González
Texas Originals: Minnie Fisher Cunningham
Texas Originals: Norris Wright Cuney
Texas Originals: Oveta Culp Hobby
Texas Originals: Sam Houston
Texas Originals: Susanna Dickinson
Texas Pioneer Women: Spanish Era
Texas Talk
Texas Towns Database
The Civil War on the Texas Home Front
The National Parks of Texas: In Contact With Beauty
Using a Grid-Artifacts
Water Resources

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