TEKS Expectation 7.11A

7.11A Explain economic factors and the development of major industries that led to the urbanization of Texas such as transportation, oil and gas, and manufacturing.
Belongs to Statement 7.11: The student understands the factors that caused Texas to change from an agrarian to an urban society.

Teach this expectation using entries from our Handbook

Our Handbook entries are written by volunteer historians and professionals, reviewed by TSHA staff, vetted by scholars, and approved by the TSHA Chief Historian.

Teacher & Community Submitted Resources

African American Cowboys
African American Women: Texas African American Women Before and After the Civil War
African Americans
Anglo-American Colonization
Austin Treasures-Online Exhibits
Buffalo Soliders on the Frontier
Buffalo Soliders Photo Gallery
Cattle Drives
Comanche Flute Music
Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History
De-Mystifying Religion for Classroom Teachers: Teaching About Jews, Judaism, and Religious Diversity
Do you speek cowboy? Interactive Game
E.C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott
Encyclopedia of Texas Jewish Communities
German Music
German Pioneers in Texas; A Brief History of Their Hardships, Struggles and Achievements
Gone to Texas: The Story of the Texas Empresarios (Social Studies, Grade 7)
Guide to Texas Emigrants
History in Your Own Backyard
History of the German Element in Texas from 1820-1850
Image Gallery for the Curriculum Guide For Teaching Texas History
Immigration Nation - Interactive Game
John Charles Beales’s Rio Grande Colony: by Edward Ludecus, a German Colonist to Friends in Germany in 1833-1834 ...
Land Grants
Lead a Cattle Drive Interactive Game
Life for the Ranchers Wife
Lord of the Plains
Memorial and biographical history of Dallas County
Mexican Colonization Laws
Mexican-American Culture
Mexican-American Heritage: Texas Experiences Social Studies, Grade 7
Music and Tall Tails
Palm Valley, TX
Pioneering Principles : Why Character Matters - A History Class from the Texas General Land Office
River Crossing Interactive Game
Spanish Missions of Texas Supplemental
Stampede Interactive Game
Susan Newcomb
Swede Hill, TX
Talk like a Vaquero in English and Spanish
Test your True Grit
Texas and Pacific Coal Company, Thurber, Erath County
Texas in Conflict, 1900 – 1920
Texas in Transition: Social, Political, and Economic Issues in 1920s Texas
Texas Originals: Billy Lee Brammer
Texas Originals: Carlos E. Castañeda
Texas Originals: Clara Driscoll
Texas Originals: Mary Austin Holley
Texas Ranch House
Texas, the Home for the Emigrant, from Everywhere
The Civil War on the Texas Home Front
The First Official Permanent Civilian Settlement
The Kishi Farm: Japanese Immigrants to Texas
The life of 4 Black Cowboys
The Open Range
The Story of Texas Edcator Guide: Second Floor - Building the Lone Star Identity
The Vaquero origins of the Texas Cowboy
Willie Nelson and the Austin Music Scene
Willow Creek

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