TEKS Expectation 7.7B

7.7B Define and trace the impact of "boom-and-bust" cycles of leading Texas industries throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries such as farming, oil and gas production, cotton, ranching, real estate, banking, and computer technology.
Belongs to Statement 7.7: The student understands how individuals, events, and issues shaped the history of Texas during the late 19th, 20th, and early 21st centuries.

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Our Handbook entries are written by volunteer historians and professionals, reviewed by TSHA staff, vetted by scholars, and approved by the TSHA Chief Historian.

Teacher & Community Submitted Resources

A Booming Industry: Oil in Texas (7th grade)
A Breed So Rare: The Life of J.R. Parten, Liberal Texas Oil Man, 1896-1992
A Journey to the Moon through Texas
A Journey to the Moon through Texas: Texas and the Apollo Program
A New Deal for Texas Parks
A Wild and Vivid Land: An Illustrated History of the South Texas Border
Advertisement for the Port of Houston: Nations First Port in Cotton Exports, 1936
African American Cowboys
After the Great Storm: Galveston's Response to the Hurrican of Sept. 8, 1900
Agriculture in Texas
Aldridge Sawmill – The Story in Numbers
An Architectural History of UTs Garrison Hall
Arnie Armadillo and the Texas Heroes - Samuel 'Sam' Houston
Austin Beginnings
Banks and Banking
Biracial Unions on Galvestons Waterfront, 1865-1925
Black Gold
Black Leaders: Texans for Their Times
Blue Texas: The Making of a Multiracial Democractic Coalition in the Civil Rights Era
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime - The Effects of The New Deal on the Great Depression
Buffalo Soliders on the Frontier
Buffalo Soliders Photo Gallery
Capitol Views
Cattle Drives
Celebrate Texas 175: Jim Parsons talks about Spindletop
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
City Lights: Austins Historic Moonlight Towers
Clifford Mooers to Sterling, June 5, 1931
Comanche Flute Music
Cotton Compress Industry
Cotton Ginning
Cowboy Conservatism
Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History
Daniel James Moody, Jr.
De-Mystifying Religion for Classroom Teachers: Teaching About Jews, Judaism, and Religious Diversity
Depression to Prosperity
Do you speek cowboy? Interactive Game
Documents of Texas History
E.C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott
Fort Worth: A Texas Original!
Galveston: A History and a Guide
Giant Under The Hill: A History of the Spindletop Oil Discovery at Beaumont, Texas, in 1901
Handbook of African American Texas
Hazardous Business: Industry, Regulation, and the Texas Railroad Commission
Historical Map Collection
History in Your Own Backyard
Home on the Range
Houston Arts and Media YouTube Channel
Image Gallery for the Curriculum Guide For Teaching Texas History
In a life of firsts, Barbara Jordan won a lasting legacy
James Allred
John B. Connally, Jr.
La Frontera Fluida (The Fluid Border)
Lead a Cattle Drive Interactive Game
Life for the Ranchers Wife
Livestock in Texas
Livin’ in High Cotton: Technology and Texas’s King Crop
Lone Star Leadership Academy
Lord of the Plains
Making the Nation Whole: Civil Rights and Lyndon Baines Johnson
Minerals in Texas
Minor League and Black Baseball in Texas
Music and Tall Tails
New Texas History Movies
North Texas Masonic Historical Museum And Library
Notable Texas Landmarks
Oil and Gas Industry
Oil Exploration
Oil Industry
Oilfield Strike of 1917
Pat Morris Neff
Photograph of Loading Cotton Aboard Japanese Steamship, Public Wharf 10, Houston, Texas, 1940
Pigskin Pulpit: A Social History of Texas High School Football Coaches
Political Cartoon on the Cotton Crisis, 1932
Portraits Of Community: African American Photogrophy in Texas
Preston Earnest Smith
Progressives and Prohibitionists: Texas Democrats in the Wilson Era
Richard Allen's Oath of Office, April 26, 1870
River Crossing Interactive Game
Road, River, and Ol’ Boy Politics: A Texas County’s Path from Farm to Supersuburb
Ross S. Sterling
Sam Rayburn House Museum Activity Guide
Samuel Willis Tucker Lanham
Stampede Interactive Game
State Government
Susan Newcomb
Talk like a Vaquero in English and Spanish
Tejano Epic: Essays in Honor of Felix D. Almaraz, Jr.
Telling Our Stories: Grayson County Reminiscences: the First 150 years, 1846-1996
Test your True Grit
Texas African American Women Before and After the Civil War
Texas and Pacific Coal Company, Thurber, Erath County
Texas City Disaster Area, Post-explosion Photographs, 1947
Texas City Disaster Area, Pre-explosion Photographs, 1947
Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Texas Forts
Texas Hall of Fame
Texas History Mini-Qs from The DBQ Project
Texas in Transition: Railroads, Oil, and the Rise of Urban Texas
Texas in Transition: Social, Political, and Economic Issues in 1920s Texas
Texas Oil, American Dreams: A Study of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
Texas Originals: Carlos E. Castañeda
Texas Originals: Clara Driscoll
Texas Originals: Mary Austin Holley
Texas Ranch House
Texas Talks with Debra Winegarten: Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby - Part 2
Texas Talks with Debra Winegarten: Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby - Questions and Answers
The disaster scene at New London, March 18, 1937
The Encyclopedia of Texas, Volume 1
The life of 4 Black Cowboys
The McFadden-Ward House: Life-style and Legacy in Oil-Boom Beaumont, Texas
The Open Range
The Santa Rita No. 1 presentation by Cynthia Jordan
The Vaquero origins of the Texas Cowboy
Timber! - The Texas Lumber Industry
Was martial law effective in the oil war in Texas?
Watt Matthews of Lambshead, With a New Afterword by Laura Wilson
Wilbert Lee (Pappy) ODaniel
William Pettus Hobby
Women and Texas History: Selected Essays
Wool and Mohair Industry
Border Land: The Struggle for Texas, 1820-1879

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