TEKS Expectation 7.8B

7.8B Locate and compare places of importance in Texas in terms of physical and human characteristics such as major cities, waterways, natural and historic landmarks, political and cultural regions, and local points of interest.
Belongs to Statement 7.8: The student understands the location and characteristics of places and regions of Texas.

Teach this expectation using entries from our Handbook

Our Handbook entries are written by volunteer historians and professionals, reviewed by TSHA staff, vetted by scholars, and approved by the TSHA Chief Historian.

Teacher & Community Submitted Resources

A New Map of North America with the West India Islands divided according to the preliminary Articles of Peace 1783
Agriculture in Texas
Bowles's New Pocket Map of North America 1776
Calendars in Texas
Call to Arms: The Texas Land Grant, An Introduction
Census and Census Records
Colonial Life in Texas
Contours of Discovery: Printed Maps Delineating the Texas and Southwestern Chapters in the Cartographic History of North America
Counties and County Seats
Counties of Texas
Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Depression, Droughts and Dust Bowl
Donated Maps Help Save Texas History and Illustrate Early American Independence
Ecoregions of Texas
Environment of Texas
Freedom Colonies And Beyond - Life After Slavery
From a Watery Grave: The Discovery and Excavation of La Salle's Shirpwreck, La Belle
From Pioneer Paths to Superhighways
Geography of the Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas
Gone to Texas: The Story of the Texas Empresarios (Social Studies, Grade 7)
Historic Land, Railroad, and County Maps
History in Your Own Backyard
History Pin Online
Honoring Our Past:Texas Commemorative Maps
Houston and Texas Central Railroad, 1876
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: Austin
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: Dallas
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: Fort Worth
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: Galveston
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: Houston
How did Texas grow one city at a time? Case Study: San Antonio
How did we get to 254 Counties in Texas?
How Texans Helped To Win The War (Texas in WWII)
Image Gallery for the Curriculum Guide For Teaching Texas History
Jefferson, Texas: An Economics Lesson
La Frontera Fluida (The Fluid Border)
Landmarks Over Time
Landmarks over Time
Life after Slavery: Investigations of an African American Farmstead
Map of the State of Coahuila and Texas, 1836
Mapping Melton
Memorial and biographical history of Dallas County
Mesquite Trees in Texas
Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Mexican-American Heritage: Texas Experiences Social Studies, Grade 7
Minerals in Texas
Piecing Together History: A Turn-of-the-Century African American Farmstead
Population in Texas
Prisoner of War Camps in Texas
Railroad Map of Texas, 1932
Railroad System of Texas, 1887
Ranching in Texas
Recreation in Texas
Samuel Dunn’s Map of the British Empire in North America, 1794
Schedule of the Houston and Texas Central Railway, 1879
Send in the Cavalry: Conflict on the Texas Frontier
Send in the Cavalry: Conflict on the Texas Frontier
Texas - The Big State Activity
Texas Archeology in the Classroom: A Unit for Teachers
Texas City, Texas: An Economic Disaster
Texas Counties Map with Names
Texas Counties Map without Names
Texas Economics - Eras and Individuals
Texas Geography Lesson Plan
Texas Geology Map
Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Texas History Snippets Interactive Map: Roads and Places of the Texas Revolution
Texas Industries Then and Now
Texas Land Grant Map-1835
Texas Originals: Carlos E. Castañeda
Texas Originals: Clara Driscoll
Texas Originals: Mary Austin Holley
Texas Outline Map
Texas Rivers Map
Texas Talk
Texas: The Lone Star State Today
The Great Cattle Drive Era
Water Resources
Whoa! That Texas is Big!
Why We Came: The Immigration Experience Educator Guide
Wildlife in Texas
Winds of Change - The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Winds of Change: The Galveston Hurricane of 1900

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