TEKS Statement 4.2

4.2 The student understands the causes and effects of European exploration and colonization of Texas.
  • 4.2A Summarize motivations for European exploration and settlement of Texas, including economic opportunity, competition and the desire for expansion. 143 resource(s) found
  • 4.2B Identify the accomplishments and explain the impact of significant explorers, including Cabeza de Vaca; Francisco Coronado; and René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, on the settlement of Texas. 169 resource(s) found
  • 4.2C Explain when, where, and why the Spanish established settlements and Catholic missions in Texas as well as important individuals. 172 resource(s) found
  • 4.2D Identify Texas' role in the Mexican War of Independence and the war's impact on the development of Texas; and 231 resource(s) found
  • 4.2E Identify the accomplishments and explain the economic motivations and impact of significant empresarios, including Stephen F. Austin and Martín de León, on the settlement of Texas. 247 resource(s) found

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