TEKS Statement 4.3

4.3 The student understands the importance of the Texas Revolution, the Republic of Texas, and the annexation of Texas to the United States.
  • 4.3A Analyze the causes, major events, and effects of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of the Alamo, the Texas Declaration of Independence, the Runaway Scrape, and the Battle of San Jacinto. 308 resource(s) found
  • 4.3B Summarize the significant contributions of individuals such as William B. Travis, James Bowie, David Crockett, Juan N. Seguín, Plácido Benavides, Jose Francisco Ruiz, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Susanna Dickinson and Enrique Esparza. 138 resource(s) found
  • 4.3C Identify leaders important to the founding of Texas as a republic and state, including José Antonio Navarro, Sam Houston, Mirabeau Lamar, and Anson Jones. 216 resource(s) found
  • 4.3D Describe the successes, problems, and organizations of the Republic of Texas such as the establishment of a constitution, economic struggles, relations with American Indians, and the Texas Rangers. 228 resource(s) found
  • 4.3E Explain the events that led to the annexation of Texas to the United States and the impact of the U.S.-Mexican War. 216 resource(s) found

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