TEKS Statement 7.18

7.18 The student understands the concept of diversity within unity in Texas.
  • 7.18A Explain how the diversity of Texas is reflected in a variety of cultural activities and celebrations. 96 resource(s) found
  • 7.18B Describe how people from various racial, ethnic, and religious groups attempt to maintain their cultural heritage while adapting to the larger Texas culture. 85 resource(s) found
  • 7.18C Identify examples of Spanish influence and the influence of other cultures on Texas such as place names, vocabulary, religion, architecture, food, and the arts. 6 resource(s) found
  • 7.18D Identify contributions to the arts by Texans such as Roy Bedichek, Diane Gonzales Bertrand, J. Frank Dobie, Scott Joplin, Elisabet Ney, Amado Peña Jr., Walter Prescott Webb, and Horton Foote. 6 resource(s) found

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