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Rival Lubbock County towns consolidate

December 19th, 1890

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On this day in 1890, the rival Lubbock County towns of Lubbock and Monterey agreed to consolidate. In July 1890, W. E. Rayner and several associates found a suitable site for a town on the north side of Yellow House Draw in Lubbock County. But Rayner insisted on building on the south side of the canyon, assuming that trade routes and a possible railroad line could more readily reach that side. The group split over the issue, and Rayner alone established Monterey in August. The northern contingent, aided by Frank Wheelock and others, established the town of Lubbock at about the same time. Although a rivalry soon developed over which town would become the county seat, representatives from the two factions met that winter and reached a compromise. They agreed to retain the name Lubbock, select a new townsite, consolidate the two towns, move buildings and houses to the new location, and organize a government. At the time of the merger Monterey had a population of fifty and thirty-two buildings. The original site of Monterey was north of the present campus of Texas Tech University.

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