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Moore leads sortie of Texas Navy

December 13th, 1841

On this day in 1841, a flotilla of the Texas Navy under the command of Edwin Ward Moore left Galveston to support the province of Yucatán in its rebellion against Mexico. Texas and Yucatán had formalized an alliance in September by which the latter agreed to pay Texas $8,000 a month for the upkeep of the Texas fleet. President Lamar approved of this arrangement and ordered the fleet to leave for Yucatán. Moore sailed with the Austin, the San Bernard, and the San Antonio for Sisal, Yucatán, on December 13. Sam Houston, who was inaugurated as president of the Republic of Texas on the same day, had a different approach to foreign policy and promptly ordered the fleet to return. These orders did not reach Moore until March 1842, and he returned in May to Texas. During the cruise the fleet captured the Mexican merchant vessel Progreso on February 6 and the Doric, the Dolorita (or Doritas), and the Dos Amigos in April.

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