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Provincias Internas divided into three sectors

August 26th, 1786

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On this day in 1786, the Provincias Internas were divided into three military regions. The original authorization of the Provincias Internas by Spain occurred in 1776 and comprised a massive, semiautonomous administrative unit that included Texas, Coahuila, Nueva Vizcaya, New Mexico, Sinaloa, Sonora, and the two Californias (Baja and Alta). Officials wished to promote administrative efficiency on the frontier, far removed from the government center of Mexico City, as well as spark economic development and protect Spanish lands from England and Russia. Texas, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Nuevo Santander were included in the easternmost of the three regions, under the command of Juan de Ugalde. The three regions were again reorganized into two provinces, eastern and western, in 1787. The Provincias Internas would undergo periodic reorganization until Mexican independence in 1821. Joaquín de Arredondo was the last commander of the Eastern Province, from 1813 to 1821.

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