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Mexican general investigates Texans' restiveness

June 22nd, 1832

On this day in 1832, Mexican general José Antonio Mexía sailed from Tampico with 300 troops to suppress an apparent rebellion. The first of the Anahuac Disturbances, a rebellious incident, had brought suspicion on the Anglo colonists. Mexía anchored at Matamoros on June 26 and proceeded to Texas with Stephen F. Austin. At the mouth of the Brazos, now with 400 troops, he found the Texans eager to interpret their recent actions as an assertion of federalism, as opposed to centralism, rather than as a rebellion against Mexican rule. Mexía was well received at Brazoria and learned from the citizens the reasons for the Anahuac Disturbances and the battle of Velasco. The colonists' Turtle Bayou Resolutions reassured him that they were loyal supporters of the Federalist party, and he returned to Tampico on July 28.

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