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Spanish-language dramatic company attracts large audiences

September 11th, 1891

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On this day in 1891, the Solsona Dramatic Company, a family-operated, Spanish-language, professional dramatic company was reportedly attracting large audiences in San Diego, Texas. After arriving from Laredo at the end of the previous month, the Compañía Dramática Solsona had first attracted small audiences, but its popularity quickly grew. By March 1892 the company had apparently moved to San Antonio and performed each Sunday on a regular basis at the Teatro Salón San Fernando, which operated loosely under the auspices of San Fernando Cathedral. The bill included a full-length drama of a moralistic, instructional nature with religious overtones, followed by a juguete cómico, a short comic play with songs. Compañía Solsona greatly helped to establish the theater as an important gathering place for the Mexican-American community in San Antonio.

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