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Mexican-American civil-rights conference meets in Laredo

September 14th, 1911

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On this day in 1911, the Congreso Mexicanista, the first statewide Mexican-American civil-rights conference, began meeting in Laredo. The Idar family, who owned and published La Crónica, organized the meeting. The Idars invited the Orden Caballeros de Honor, members of lodges and sociedades mutualistas, all Mexican consuls in the state, Texas-Mexican journalists, and women from the region. Meeting through September 22, the congreso established the Gran Liga Mexicanista de Beneficencia y Protección (Great Mexican League for Benefit and Protection) and the Liga Femenil Mexicanista to promote cultural and moral values among Texas Mexicans, provide protection from abuse by public authorities, and combat segregation of Texas Mexican students. Nicasio Idar was chosen the leader of the Gran Liga, and Jovita Idar, his daughter, was elected president of the Liga Femenil.

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