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South Texas Chamber of Commerce formed

November 16th, 1926

On this day in 1926, the South Texas Chamber of Commerce was established. Founding officers of the organization were R. W. Morrison of San Antonio, president; S. C. Tucker of Brownsville, first vice president; E. R. Fawcett of Del Rio, second vice president; Ray Leeman of San Antonio, executive vice president, and George Rehment of Alice, treasurer. The organization covered in its activities fifty-five counties in South Texas, roughly bounded by Del Rio on the west, Austin on the north, Houston on the east, and the Rio Grande on the south. Representing commercial interests in its area and performing the usual functions of chambers of commerce, the organization worked for an equitable proportion of state appropriations for state-supported educational institutions in South Texas, the modernization and completion of the state highway system in South Texas, rate adjustments and improved marketing conditions in the area, equitable fire insurance rate adjustments, and encouragement of tourist traffic into South Texas and Mexico. In 1988 the South Texas Chamber of Commerce, along with the other regional chambers of commerce, merged into the Texas Chamber of Commerce.

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